Unlocking Opportunities: The University of Exeter Scholarship Program for International Students Application Procedure and Eligibility

You can pursue your education in the UK. You have good news to share! The University of Exeter Scholarships application process is now open. This article will provide detailed information about the University of Exeter Scholarship Program, including its advantages and application steps.

University of Exeter Scholarships are partially funded scholarships available to international students. The University of Exeter Scholarships 2024-2025 provide full tuition fees, £10,000 and £5,000 scholarships to international students.

Global Excellence Scholarships were created to help students develop their academic abilities and contribute to the vibrant University community, including students and faculty from more than 170 countries.

Global Excellence Scholarships are designed to recognize and reward high academic achievements and help scholars access our outstanding teaching and learning while taking full advantage of everything that University Life has to offer in order for them to achieve their future ambitions.

Eligibility for the Scholarship

1. Must be an international student enrolled in a degree program at the University of Exeter

2. Applicant must demonstrate excellent academic performance

3. Each candidate must meet the admissions requirements of their chosen degree program

4. A candidate’s IELTS overall score must be 6.5 or higher (minimum of 6 points in each component).

5. Must show proof of finances & tuition payment

6. Must show commitment to community leadership and development.

Application Procedure

Follow the instructions below to apply for University of Exeter Scholarships.

(1) Please use the webform to apply for your offer once you receive it.

(2) The form requires a personal statement of no more than 300 characters to answer the questions.

  • What are your interests and goals in choosing your program of study?
  • How will you use your education to help you achieve your goals?
  • What difference would you make if you were awarded the Global Excellence Scholarship?
  • How can you be an ambassador of the University as a Global Excellence scholar?

Benefits of University of Exeter Scholarships

1. Scholarships of up to PS10,000 and PS5,000 are available for full tuition fees.

2. A living allowance will be provided to each applicant who is accepted for their study.

3. The funds may cover any additional expenses, such as travel, textbooks, or course materials.

4. The basis for scholarship awards is academic excellence and the prospects of future success. A candidate must demonstrate academic ability and performance.

* Both undergraduate & graduate programs can get scholarships.

* Scholarship recipients will gain from the global network of the University of Exeter.

5. Possibilities to gain work experience as a student

6. Access to university-organized workshops, seminars & social activities.


Finding the perfect place to live is important. You can make new friends quickly by living in a university residence. While studying different courses, you will be able to meet people of all backgrounds and cultures. There are a number of catered and self-catered accommodations at our Exeter and Penryn campuses, which suit a wide range of budgets. You are not required to live on campus in the first year. If you prefer to stay in private housing, many options are available.

Required Documents

  • International Students’ Passport
  • You will need a concise CV or resume.
  • Motivational letter or statement of purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • The certificate of English proficiency from the previous institute
  • You will have to pass the IELTS test if your previous degree is not in English.

Applications Deadline

The deadline for applying for the University of Exeter scholarships will be October 2024.

Apply Here

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