Tiana Musarra Biography, Height, Age, Family, Net Worth, Bikini Photos, Parents And Education 

Tiana Musarra is a famous American model, Youtuber, and social media celebrity. Instagram and Youtube became her favorite platform for sharing photos, videos, and fashionable outfits. Fashion Nova also considers her a brand ambassador.

Tiana Musarra height

Tiana was raised in New York City with her siblings and parents. Tiana has always been interested in modeling, fashion, and glamour. She began sharing her photos and videos on various social media platforms at an early age. Her first fame was on Instagram and Youtube.

She loves her job, and she continues to do her very best she has more than 1m Instagram followers and 455k YouTube subscribers. It was amazing that they supported her in achieving her long-term career goals. However, she will most likely be featured in fitness and fashion magazines very soon.

What Is Tiana Musarra’s Age, Height, And Weight

Tiana is 23 years. She is 5′ 6″ tall and her weight is about 54 kg. Tiana Musarra’s unique body features include great height and body measurements, she also has a healthy weight to match her height.

Is Tiana Musarra A Graduate?

Tiana Musarra has been a top performer with excellent Marks since childhood. Tiana Musarra was 16 years old when she enrolled in High school. After she completed her high school education she furthered and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from a public US university.

Tiana Musarra Relationship Life

Everyone is curious about Tiana’s relationship just like Nikki Hall and her dating life. Tiana Musarra and her partner are still good at the moment, but I do want to let you know something. Recent reports state that there are no issues between Tiana Musarras and her partner, which is quite good. Tiana Musarra and her partner still share a mutual respect and passion for each other.

Tiana Musarra Social Media

Tiana Musarra bikini
Tiana Musarra bikini

Tiana Musarra has been able to build a large following on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitter, with thousands of dedicated followers.

Tiana Musarra Net Worth

As of 2021, Tiana’s net worth is more than $500k. Her earnings come from modeling, brand promotion, endorsements, and other sources.

Tiana Musarra Parents 

Anthony and Claudia Musarra are Tiana’s parents.

Who Is Tiana Musarra’s Brother?

Tiana has a brother named Antonio Musarra.

Tiana Mussara Birth Place

She was born in New York City, NY, USA.

Tiana Musarra Followers On TikTok 

Tiana Musarra

Tiana Musarra has about 107k followers on TikTok.

Tiana Musarra Followers On Instagram

Tiana has over 1m followers on Instagram.

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