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Silvia Pinal is a famous actress with more than 100 credits, she’s also a producer, singer, and politician. Silvia Pinal was born Silvia the Veronica Pasquel Hidalgo under the signification of Virgo on September 12, 1931, in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, and she holds Mexican nationality.

Silvia Pinal joven

She gained notoriety for her performances in the films “Viridiana”, and “El Angel Exterminador” as well as “Simon del Desierto”, the 1960s trilogy that was directed by the renowned filmmaker and director Luis Bunuel portholes.

NameSilvia Pinal
Birth PlaceMexico
Date Of BirthSeptember 12, 1931
Age91 years old
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net worth$10 million
PartnerRafael Banquells (married 4 times)

Silvia Pinal Age/Height/Net Worth

Silvia Is 91 years old and has cute eyes and brown hair; she weighs 150lbs (70kgs) and stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m) tall. When she was she was younger, her stats of 35-25-36 were nearly perfect. As of 2022, her net worth has been estimated at 10 million dollars.

Silvia Pinal son

Silvia Pinal Early life & Education

Silvia was brought up at Guaymas through her maternal grandmother Maria Luisa Hidalgo, who was just 15 years old when she got pregnant. Silvia did not meet her father Moises Pasquel at the time she turned 11.

She has three paternal half-siblings: Moises, Virginia, and Eugenio. When Silvia was just five years old her mother got married to the politician and journalist Luis G. Pinal, known as “El Caballero Pinal”. In addition, her step-siblings were named Beatriz, Eugenia, and Mercedes.

She began dreaming about acting at an early age, but her father-in-law encouraged her to pursue a course that could earn income, saying that acting would waste time. Silvia began typing at the age of 14 and was older when she landed work as a secretary.

She then went on to Pestalozzi College, followed by her admission to Washington Institute (Mexico City). Then she began performing at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Silvia Pinal Love Life And Marital Status

Silvia Pinal young
Silvia Pinal young

Silvia was married 4 times, she was married to her former husband Rafael Banquells, the late Mexican actor, producer of films, and director in 1947. Silvia was blessed with a beautiful daughter Sylvia Pasquel in 1953, however, the couple divorced the following year.

The year was 1961 when she was married to her husband of two years Gustavo Miguel Alatriste, the late Mexican actor and film director. However, they divorced in the year 1967 because Gustavo was unfaithful. Their child Viridiana became a mother in the year 1963 and was killed in a car crash in the year 1982.

The same year that Silvia finalized her divorce she was married to the well-known Mexican rock and roll star Enrique Guzman; Silvia had second ideas about this wedding, as she was eleven more years old than Enrique and in 1968 they gave birth to their child Gabriela Alejandra Guman Pinal, who is now a well-known artist. Unfortunately, Silvia and Gustavo divorced in 1976.

From 1982 to 1995 she got married to a popular political figure Tulio Hernandez Gomez. He was the governor of Tlaxcala State of Tlaxcala between 1981 and 1987 and he made Silvia the first lady during the six years.

In addition to her four marriages, Silvia has been involved in some relationships with some famous actors like Arturo de Cordova and Omar Sharif. She also had relationships with men in the business world Conrad Nicholson Hilton, Jr. as well as Emilio Azcarraga Milmo. As of 2022, Silvia seems to be single, she has previously been married 4 times and has three kids, after which a fourth one died in a crash.

Silvia Pinal Professional/Roles In Movies

Silvia Pinal

Her career began in 1949, at 18 years old. She made her debut in her role as Juanita a character in the thriller film “El Pecado de Laura” The same year saw her in three more movies including the action drama “Bamba”, the comedy-drama “Escuela Para Casadas” and the romantic war drama “La Mujer Que yo Perdi”.

She started playing lead roles in the 1950s, and among the most popular films that she was in included “El Casto Susano”, the dramatic “El Vendedor de Munecas” and the romantic crime drama “Amor en Cuatro Tiempos” both were released in 1955.

In 1960 she performed the role of the principal role of Maria “Mimi Pompon” on the show comedy “Goodbye Mimi Pompon” (original “Maribel y la Extrana Familia”) composed and directed by Luis Marquina also starring Fernando Fernan Gomez and Catalina Barcena.

The story is about Mimi who is a well-known French singer, who decides to quit singing and get married to an aristocratic French Merchant Heriberto Promenade having previously been got married five times. Other notable appearances in the ’60s included the mini-comedy drama “Simon of the Desert” the combat war-themed thriller “La Soldadera” and the romantic comedy “Maria Isabel”.

Silvia Pinal Awards & Nominations

Silvia was recognized for her nominations to five Ariel Awards, winning four: one in 1953 for Best Supporting Actress (Mejor Coactuacion Femenina) two awards years later in 1958 and 1957 for Best Actress (Mejor Actuacion Femenina) and the 2008 Special Golden Ariel Award.

She also received an award in 1979 for the Premios ACE Award, which is for Cinema Best Actress, and an award in 1998 for the Mexican Cinema Journalist Special Silver Goddess Award.

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