The Quebec’s Perspective Scholarship – Eligibility, Fees Covered and Application Process

Quebec Perspective Scholarships are a great way to support students in pursuing academic excellence. The scholarship was established to support Quebec residents’ academic aspirations and goals. Eligible candidates can receive financial aid for college or graduate programs. We have compiled a comprehensive guide covering the Quebec Perspective Scholarship eligibility criteria, required documents, application procedure, fees, and commonly asked questions.


Quebec’s Perspective Scholarship Program demonstrates the commitment of its residents to higher education. The scholarship was created to remove financial obstacles and empower students to achieve their academic goals. It has now become a part of Quebec education. This scholarship has been a great help to countless students who have now excelled in their fields.

Eligibility for Quebec’s Perspective Scholarship

To qualify for a Quebec Perspective Scholarship, the applicant must meet all the criteria listed below:

  • Citizenship: You must be either a Canadian or permanent resident.
  • Quebec Residency: You must be a resident of Quebec.
  • Programme of study: You must be in an accredited college or university.
  • No Beneficiary: During the period of application, you cannot be a recipient of the Excellence Scholarships for Students in Education Programs.
  • Completion of Study Term: You must have completed the full-time or deemed study term.

Value of the Scholarship

The Québec Perspective Scholarship provides financial assistance based on the program level, with varying amounts disbursed per term:

  • Undergraduate Programs:
    • 3-year program (e.g., 120 credits): $2,500 per term, up to a total of $15,000 (6 terms x $2500/term)
    • 4-year program (e.g., more than 120 credits): $2,500 per term, up to a total of $20,000 (8 terms x $2500/term)
    • Freshman (U0) program: Eligible for funding if a minimum of 12 credits at the U1 level are completed in a given term.
  • Master’s Programs:
    • $2,500 per term, up to a total of $12,500 (5 terms x $2500/term)
    • Terms in which a Master’s student is registered as a Qualifying student are not eligible for funding.
  • PhD Programs:
    • $2,500 per term, up to a total of $37,500 (15 terms x $2500/term)
    • Terms in which a PhD student is registered in Year 1 are not eligible for funding.

Recipients are entitled to the scholarship if they have achieved the minimum number of hours or credits required by the program, regardless of whether they failed any courses. It’s important to note that the scholarship amount is considered income, and recipients will receive a tax slip at the end of the year.

The scholarship is awarded to students who have completed the required credits or hours, regardless of their failure in any course. The scholarship is considered as income, and the recipients receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

How to Apply for Quebec Perspective Scholarship

Although the application for Quebec Perspective Scholarships is simple, you must pay close attention to all deadlines and documents. This is a guide that will take you through the steps:

  1. Renewal Application: You must re-apply after every full-time term or study period in your program.
  2. Deadlines: Remember the deadlines for submitting applications:
  • Autumn term begins on February 28
  • Winter term: 31 July
  • Summer session: October 31
  1. Please provide the following information: Please prepare the following details for your application.
  • Permanent Code
  • Number of Social Insurance
  • Nom du programme d’études et de l’institution éducative
  • Information about banking
  1. Online application: To speed up processing, you can apply online using your Student Financial Assistance File. Create a new file using your date of birth and SIN if you do not have one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Quebec Perspective Scholarship – Who can apply?
  • The eligibility criteria are Canadian citizenship, permanent residence in Quebec, enrolling at a college or university, and completing a full-time or deemed full-time study period.
  1. How much money can I get in a scholarship, and when will it be paid?
  • Scholarship amounts range from $1500 for college and $2500 for university, payable after the completion of each study period.
  1. What if I fail a class during my study period?
  • You are eligible to receive the scholarship even if a class failed.
  1. Does the scholarship cover a certain number of terms?
  • Study period limits vary from 6-15 study terms depending on your level of education.
  1. What is the Quebec Perspective Scholarship, and how do I apply?
  • Apply online using your Student Financial Assistance File. Make sure you have the required documents and meet all deadlines.

The Quebec Perspective Scholarship is a financial lifeline for Quebecers embarking on a journey of education. With its clear eligibility criteria, simple application procedure, and generous funding, this scholarship program continues to empower and uplift students in the province.

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