Power Rangers Legacy Wars introduces Ryu Ranger

Fans of the Power Rangers franchise have been waiting over twenty years for a classic Japanese tokusatsu hero to be added to their gameplay roster. Well, they no longer have to wait! A recent announcement by nWay revealed that the popular protagonist from the 1993 series “Gosei Sentai Dairanger” will be available soon on their latest app-game. I will disclose some of the major spoilers below if you’d rather discover it yourself when he’ll be released.

Announced earlier this month, the latest addition to Legacy Wars’ growing roster of playable fighters is none other than the red Power Ranger himself: Ryu. Although he may not have any superpowers to boost his combat abilities, Ryu (or rather, your avatar) is still a formidable force to be reckoned with as he wields his trusty Dragon Sword and Sacred Bow.

The Power Rangers franchise has been running for over two decades now and shows no signs of stopping. The mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is one of the latest spin-offs of the franchise, and it’s introducing a new Ranger to the team: Ryu Ranger. Ryu Ranger is a new character that players can control in the game, and he brings with him a new fighting style and set of moves. With the addition of Ryu Ranger, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars continues to add new content and keep players coming back for more.

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