McCall MacBain Scholarship – Eligibility, Fees Covered, Application Process and Deadline in 2024

McCall MacBain stands out among scholarship programs as an opportunity for those who want to be a part of a positive change in the world. John and Marcy McBain established this scholarship program to provide future leaders with resources, support, and encouragement to reach their academic and career goals. Let’s explore the McCall McBain Scholarship in this detailed guide.

A Brief History of the McCall-MacBain Scholarship

McCall-MacBain Scholarship traces its roots to John and Marcy McCall, noted philanthropists advocating education and social changes. This Scholarship was created in 2019. Its goal is to empower future leaders and help them positively impact their local communities.

John and Marcy MacBain recognized that education has the power to transform lives and created a scholarship to provide outstanding individuals with the support and resources they need to achieve their educational and professional goals.

They launched a scholarship program in their honor through their McCall MacBain Foundation. This scholarship program is intended to help outstanding students and recent graduates who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to service.

The McCall MacBain scholarship has quickly gained international recognition since its founding as one of the most generous and prestigious scholarship programs. A select group is chosen each year from an extremely competitive pool of candidates to receive financial assistance, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.

McCall MacBain scholarship has a far-reaching impact that goes beyond the financial aid. Scholars are encouraged by the program to participate in service projects and innovative research and collaborate with peers who share similar values to tackle pressing global issues. The scholarship program aims to develop a new group of global leaders through academic excellence, community involvement, and leadership development.

The core values that guide the program are integrity, excellence, and service. McCall MacBain Scholarship is a testimony to the power and potential of education and philanthropy to transform lives and communities.

Eligibility criteria for McCall MacBain Scholarship

To be eligible for the McCall MacBain Scholarship 2025 cohort, applicants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Current student: Students are enrolled as undergraduates and on course to receive their first bachelor’s degree by August 20, 2025.
  2. Recent Grad: Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in the last 5 years. Specifically from January 2019 onwards.
  3. Early Career Professionals: Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree who are younger than 30 in 2024 and have earned their degree over five years earlier.

Application deadlines

Location-based application deadlines are different for McCall MacBain scholarships.

Canada: Canadians and Americans studying abroad, students, and graduates from universities in Canada or the United States should submit applications before September 25, 2024.

International Applicants: Students or graduates from universities in other countries must submit applications before August 21, 2024.

Application Process: How to Apply for McCall MacBain scholarship in 2024

There are several steps to the application process for McCall MacBain scholarships.

  1. Do your research: Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly investigate the program they wish to apply for, as well as eligibility requirements, deadlines, and application requirements.
  2. Prepare Materials for Application: Collect all necessary application materials such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, and CVs.
  3. Apply online: Fill out the application form on the website and send all the required documents by the deadline.
  4. Interviews (if applicable). Candidates shortlisted for an interview may be asked to attend as part of the selection procedure.
  5. Await decision: Once the application process has been completed, the committee will notify the applicants of its final decision.

Covered Fees

McCall MacBain Scholarship recipients receive comprehensive financial assistance, which includes:

  • McGill University tuition and fees are applicable to a master’s degree program or an undergraduate professional program for a second entry.
  • The living allowance is $2,000 CAD monthly for scholars to cover their expenses.
  • The program will provide a one-time grant for relocation costs to Montreal.
  • Summer funding options are available to help scholars pursue internships, academic opportunities, or research.
  • Participants will be able to participate in workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs that are designed to enhance their leadership abilities and develop professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility for McCall MacBain Scholarships?

  • Students, recent graduates, and professionals in early careers who meet specific age requirements are eligible.

What is the deadline for applying for the scholarships?

  • The deadlines vary depending on where the candidate is located. There are separate dates for applicants from Canada, the United States of America, and international universities.

What is covered by the Scholarship?

  • Scholarships cover tuition, fees, living allowance, relocation grants, summer funding options, participation in leadership activities, and a living stipend.

How competitive is your selection process?

  • Selection is highly competitive and focuses on leadership, academic excellence, and service commitment.

Can students from other countries apply?

  • The Scholarship is available to domestic as well as international students who meet the criteria.


The McCall MacBain scholarship is a transformational opportunity for those who want to serve and lead in this world. This Scholarship provides comprehensive financial assistance, mentoring, and leadership development to empower recipients in pursuing their professional and academic goals. The McCall MacBain scholarship is an opportunity for aspiring changemakers to embark on a path of leadership, service, and growth.

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