Marcel Young – Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Siblings, Ethnicity, Nationality, Education, Parents Love Affairs, Relationship & Marital Status

Marcel Young is a celebrity who was born on February 6, 1991. He is also the son of Michelle Young and Dr. Dre. However, we all know that Dr.Dre is his father, and his full name is Andre Romelle Young. Marcel is an American rapper and actor. Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics are also his creations. Previously, he was the co-owner and operator of Death Row Records.

Michel’le Denise Toussant was his mother. And she’s also a popular American songwriter, rapper, and R&B singer. She is most well-known for her songs in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Her most famous songs were the Billboard R&B chart-toppers “No More Lies,” a Hot 100 hit that reached number 10, and “Something in My Heart.” Michelle was among six participants in the TV One reality TV series R&B Divas Los Angeles. She was also the subject of Surviving Compton, Dre, Suge & Michelle in 2016.

How Tall Is Marcel Young?

 Marcel stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m).

Marcel Young Weight & Physical Look

He is estimated to be around 65kg (143 lbs). The handsome hunk maintains a modest exercise routine four days per week. The talented star also ensures a healthy diet.

His afro, thick brows, and haircut are some of his most charming features. Marcel’s body type is slim and toned.

Marcel is known for his charming smile, down-to-earth personality, style, and gentlemanly personality. This makes him an even more attractive person.

Marcel Young Religion

Marcel Young is a Christian.

Marcel Young Age & DOB

Marcel Young is 31 years old. Born on (Feb 6, 1991).

Marcel Young Food Habit

Marcel Young is a Non-vegan.

Is Marcel Young An Animal Lover?

Marcel Young loves animals, and he has a pet as well.

What Is Marcel Young’s Profession?

Marcel Young is an Internet Personality.

Marcel Young Education

His mother was his primary caregiver. Marcel attended a local high school and graduated from college (name not stated). He was raised with his younger step-sister Bailey Knight.

What Is Marcel Young’s Ethnicity?

Marcel Young is black.

What Is Marcel Young’s Nationality?

Marcel Young is Afro-American.

Where Is Marcel Young’s Birthplace?

Marcel Young’s Birthplace and Hometown is New York, USA.

Marcel Young parents (Love Affairs/Relationship)

After dating for many years, Marcel’s young parents were married in 1987. She was not without her challenges, even though she was in a relationship with Dr. Dre.

Before he became a close friend of Marcel’s mother, Dr. Dre had many affairs before he became a close friend. He also had relationships with several other women, Dre was 16 years of age when he met his ex-girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene, and they were 15 years apart. Since then, they have been in a relationship and had two children, Curtis Young (son) and Tyra Young (daughter).

Who Did Marcels Mother (Michelle) Get Married To After leaving Dr.Dre?

Marcel’s mother and Suge Knight married in 1999 and divorced in 2005. They even had a daughter, Bailey Knight, born in 2002. Michelle discovered that Suge’s marriage to her was invalid because he was still married to Sharitha, his ex-wife. She stated that her ex-husband Suge had hit her once and dislocated her jaw.

How Many Siblings Does Marcel Young Have?

Marcel Young is the R&B singer, Michel’le’s first-born child, while Dr. Dre is the fourth. Beats Electronics’ CEO Marcel has three additional sons and three more daughters.

Young’s half-sister, Bailey Knight, was born on November 28, 2002. Michelle and Suge welcomed Bailey Knight three years after they were married. Dre. Dre’s ex-wife said that Marcel has a wonderful relationship with his younger sister.

Marcel and Sheri Nicole are also blessed with six additional half-siblings through his dad’s marriage to several women. Curtis Young Jr. and Truice Young are his half-brothers. In 2009, the latter was killed by an overdose of heroin. Marcel’s half-sisters included Truly Young, La Tanya, Danielle Young, and Tyra Young.

Young is close to his siblings, but they are rarely seen together in public.

Marcel Father (Dr. Dre) Love Affairs & Relationship 

Dre began a relationship with Lisa Johnson in 1983 when she was 15 years old. They had a daughter called La Tanya Danielle Young.

Dre was with Jenita Porter, his new love, in 1988. They had a son, Andre Young Jr., on August 23, 2008. Marcel’s half-brother Andre died from an overdose of heroin and morphine at his Woodland Hills home.

His father divorced his mother, Michelle, in 1996. He married Nicole Young in 1996. They have two children, Truice Young (the youngest) and Truly Young (the other). His family issues are causing him to be in the spotlight. After 24 years of marriage, his father, Andre, divorced Nicole Young.

How Does Marcel’s Father (Dr. Dre) Treat His Mother (Michelle)?

Her father assaulted her young at a Los Angeles nightclub on November 21, 1991. Gawker’s journalist stated that Toussaint, at the time, believed Dre was going out to kill her. Young’s parents settled an outside civil suit. The rapper pleaded no contest.

Vlad TV interviewed Toussaint, and she said that she was glad she wasn’t in the movie. Young’s mother said that Young was a quiet girl who got beat up and told her to shut up.

Unfortunately for Toussaint, she didn’t realize domestic violence was normal until she left South Central. Dre never got a call from her. Marcel’s mother stated that Marcel could not speak because she didn’t know and felt it was a form of love.

In an interview with Power 105 in New York, Toussaint revealed that Dre repeatedly punched her with a closed hand and that he had given black eyes to her on at least five occasions. She said that Dre broke her nose and even cracked her right rib.

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