Maddie Henderson Bio, Wiki, Net worth, Height, Early Life, Sisters, Boyfriend, Mom, Instagram, Education, Rumors & Controversy 

Maddie Henderson is a social media star; she hails from the United States and was born on the 2nd of April 2002. Maddie Henderson rose to fame and notoriety due to her humorous dancing videos and lifestyle. Bad Dancers Only was her favorite dancing group as she was part of the cheerleading squad at her high school.

Maddie started TikTok to have fun and follow a trend. However, she didn’t know that she would grow TikTok’s followers to over 3.8 million and also has about 244k followers on Instagram.

Maddie Henderson Age

She’s 20 years old.

Maddie Henderson Early life

Since she was a little girl, Maddie has loved fashion and dancing. Her parents were devoted and constant caregivers throughout her childhood. Her parents are always there for her whenever she needs anything. So she can easily say that her childhood was a blessing, it helped her gain the achievements she is now making. 

Maddie Henderson Siblings

Maddie Henderson and Paeka Campos has three beautiful sisters, and their names are  Ellie Henderson,  Mckelle Henderson, and Emma Henderson.

Maddie Henderson Education

We don’t know much about her education or qualifications. However, her accomplishments suggest that she is well-educated.

Is Maddie Henderson Married?

Maddie has amassed a large social media following, so most of her followers are interested to know more about her relationship status. However, Matt Scharff is Maddie’s lover.

Matt is also an active and prevalent TikTok user, his TikTok videos of golf and sporting trick shots are well-known. While we couldn’t determine the date when the couple began dating, they seem to have been passionately in a relationship and are having a great time.

Maddie Henderson Height

Maddie Henderson is 5′ 5″ (1.65m) tall.

What Is Maddie Henderson’s Weight?

Maddie Henderson’s weight is unknown.

Maddie Henderson Body Measurement

Maddie is beautiful with her lovely brown eyes and hair. She is also thin and well-toned. Her exact measurements and data are not known.

Maddie Henderson Rumors & Controversy

There is much negative information about her and other figures that circulated online. She can be made to feel inadequate by those who hate her. They may tell lies and try to make her jealous.

She has never given it much thought. Her fans and followers will return to her if she focuses on positivity, love, and kindness. She has been a great example of staying away from controversy until today.

Maddie Henderson’s Sponsorship, Net Worth & Earnings 

Her TikTok Sponsorship has over 3.8 million followers on her TikTok page. If you know much about sponsorship, you would agree that Advertisers pay a set amount for each post they make.

Maddie’s 15 most recent posts show that her followers engage at 6.48% on average. Therefore, her sponsorship earnings are estimated to be between $2,281 and $3,802.

Instagram Sponsorship: Maddie has 244k followers on Instagram, so she could also make decent money through sponsorships. Maddie’s 15 most recent Instagram posts show that she earns an average of $435 to $725 from subsidies.

Merchandise: She mainly sells custom-made T-shirts, Hoodies, and accessories with stickers and prints from The inventory is priced between $30 and $40, which is quite affordable and often sells out.

Net Worth: Maddie Henderson’s net worth can be calculated by analyzing all her income streams and calculating them. It is between $100,000 and $200,000.

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