Empowering Visionaries: A Deep Dive into the Louise McKinney Scholarship – Your Complete Guide to the Pursuit of Excellence in Higher Education

Scholarship opportunities are pivotal in helping students pursue an academic career at any level. Our major focus in today’s article will be the Louise Mckinney Scholarship.

The Louise Mckinney Scholarship is among the top Post-secondary school scholarships in Canada; it’s specifically for individuals who wish to further their Academics After their high school Education.

This scholarship opportunity is primarily for students or individuals who are Canadian citizens and students who reside in the City of Alberta.

“Louise Mckinney Scholarship” was named after a woman known as Louise Mckinney; she played a significant role in reshaping Canada’s Educational and political landscape.

She was born on the 22nd of September 1868 in the city of Frankville, one of the top Cities in Ontario, Canada.

Louise Mckinney was raised in a Christian family that valued and encouraged education and social equality at all levels.

In the 19th century, Louise Mckinney was among Canada’s staunch advocates for education. Her unwavering support and contributions were quite instrumental in restructuring the Canadian educational system.

Due to her sincere commitment to advancing the Educational system in Canada, the Louise Mckinney Scholarship was named After her, in remembrance.

Surprisingly, Aside from being a strong education advocate, Louise Mckinney was also a staunch advocate for women in Canada; she took bold steps to ensure women had equal rights to men in Canada.

Without further ado, let’s review the Louise Mckinney Scholarship in depth to expose you to the eligibility criteria and how to apply.

What GPA Do You Need For Louise McKinney Scholarship?

Undergraduate students who are interested in the Louise Mckinney Scholarship must have a Grade Point Average of at least 3.50.

However, the Grade above the Point Average of “3.50” doesn’t necessarily mean the Scholarship would be awarded easily; some other factors are being considered.

Honestly, to be on the safer side, Aspiring recipients of The Louise Mckinney Scholarship should possess a Minimum Grade Point Average(GPA) of 4.0.

How Many Times Can I Receive the Louise McKinney Scholarship?

The Louise Mckinney Scholarship is Awarded to each recipient once per year. However, ten scholarships are awarded yearly to ten students who fulfill the requirements criteria.

How To Apply To Louise McKinney?

  1. Confirm Scholarship’s Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring Recipients of the Louise Mckinney Scholarship must confirm all the requirements involved in this Scholarship; this includes Academic requirements, residency requirements, etc.

  1. Compile All Necessary Documents

You are advised to compile all the requested documents with respect to their relevance; some of the important documents for the Louise Mckinney Scholarship are listed below.

  • Previous Academic Transcript(must have an Official Signature)
  • Recommendation Letters
  • CV/Resume
  • A Letter From the Registrar if your School is situated outside Alberta.
  • Proof of Residency
  1. Apply

After confirming the requirements and gathering all the necessary documents, You should take a bold step in Applying.

To Apply for the Louise Mckinney Scholarship, you should visit the Alberta Student Aid official website.

  1. Fill The Application Form Correctly

Applicants are advised to fill out the Application form on the website correctly. Ensure the details you provided are free from all sorts of errors.

Applicants should also ensure they attach the requested documents alongside their Application while they fill out the form.

  1. Check for errors or misspellings.

Before submitting your application, you are advised to go through your application carefully, ensure all submitted details are correct, and check to see if you could see any misspellings in your application.

You could submit your Application online once you are done correcting the supposed errors in your Application.

  1. Confirm Scholarship Deadline

Ensure you submit your scholarship application in compliance with the supposed deadline for the Louise Mckinney Scholarship, as stated on the website.

  1. Follow-up On Your Application

After submitting Your Application, you should check out for updates regarding your Application; you might be required to come for a personal interview if selected.

  1. Monitor Your Application

Do check your emails to see if your Application for the Louise Mckinney Scholarship was successful; Successful Applicants will be contacted.

How Much Is the Louise Mckinney Scholarship?

Based on the Alberta Student Aid Commission reports, the Louise Mckinney Scholarship is worth $2,500 yearly.

Requirements For the Louise Mckinney Scholarship

Below is the list of Requirements for the Louise Mckinney Scholarship. Do well to read through it carefully. We’ve got you covered.

  1. Proof of Residency

The Louise Mckinney Scholarship applicants must provide proof of residency showing they reside in Alberta.

Students will be considered an Alberta resident if they fulfill the following criteria listed below:

  • Applicant’s Parent must be a permanent Resident of Canada and must have spent close to twelve months living in Alberta before the post-secondary education of their wards.
  • Students will also be considered as residents of Alberta if they have lived in Alberta for twelve(12) months before commencing higher education.
  • Applicants could also be considered residents of Alberta, provided they have a spouse who has lived in Alberta for twelve(12) good months before the start of their post-secondary school education.
  1. Proof of Citizenship

Applicant’s scholarship Application will be accepted if he/she is a Citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Visa students are not Eligible to apply for this Scholarship.

3. Post Secondary Education

For Your Scholarship Application to be successful, you must be enrolled in a Full-time undergraduate or post-secondary school program in an Institution in Alberta.

You must also have good standing academic records concerning your institution’s supposed standards.

4. Nomination for Jason Lang Scholarship

Applicants who have the Nomination of Jason Lang Scholarship will not be accepted into the Louise Mckinney Scholarship program.

5. Graduate Students Are In-eligible to Apply

The Louise Mckinney Scholarship is Specifically for students pursuing An Undergraduate or any Post-secondary school program.

Individuals or students pursuing a Graduate degree program are not eligible for this Scholarship opportunity.


The Louise McKinney Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope for individuals aspiring to achieve academic excellence and positively impact society.

By honoring the legacy of Louise McKinney, the Scholarship continues to empower students and contribute to the collective advancement of education in Canada.

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