Who Is  Kristine Saryan Scott patterson’s Wife? Wiki, Bio, Age, DOB, Career, Husband, Social Media, Net Worth & More

Kristine Saryan was born in California in the year 1984. Though Saryan is her official name she was named Kristine Saryan when she was born. Kristine is from mixed ancestry, spanning Native America and Europe. At the time of 2022, Kristine turned 38 years old.

Kristine Saryan

Scott who was the character Luke Danes in the WB series Scott, who played Luke Danes in the WB series Kristine Saryan is married since the mid-2010s and has the birth of a son. The wife of Patterson’s character, Sarayan, too was an integral part of Gilmore Girls portraying the role of Chrissy Miss Patty’s dance assistant. Their wife of Scott, however, was only on the show.

Even though they are both of a similar age, Kristine and Patterson have been together for over 20 years. Even though the actor doesn’t talk about his life partner or their marriage. Learn more about Scott’s partner Kristine Saryan by reading the articles ahead.

Kristine Saryan Professional Career

Kristine Saryan photo

While discussing the age gap Kristine’s husband Scott stated that his wife is an actress with talent, and her performance in Abigail’s Party during her Master Class was stunning to the point where Scott states that he’s not seen an audience respond so positively to any character throughout his theatre career.

The Seinfeld actor says that his wife’s performance was memorable and forced him to consider how much more talented he was. He insists that despite having attended a lot of theater throughout New York and LA. Scott acknowledges that his wife’s sense of timing, coolness, and relaxation enthralled everyone present.

Patterson says that his wife Saryan is humorous, vulnerable adorable, and a solid, tough, and resilient person and someone who is totally in control. However, for the moment there is no definitive answer to what Kristine is up to in her professional life. In addition, Scott, her husband Scott who is often seen in a variety of interviews, doesn’t talk about Kristine or their son.

According to IMDB, Her last screen appearance was in her role in the Gilmore Girls franchise, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (TV Mini-series). Kristine was not able to play her character from Chrissy. Instead, she played an uninvolved 38-year-old woman.

Kristine Saryan And Scott Patterson’s Relationship/Marital Life

They’re believed to meet in 2002 when Kristine was a part of Gilmore Girls as an actress. Before that, Scott had been married to a woman named Vera Davich. Their marriage lasted only two years before their divorce in 1985. Scott and Kristine prefer to keep their relationship private.

While they’ve been seen on a few occasions together There aren’t any details about them on the internet. There’s also some contradicting information regarding the way Scott Patterson and Kristine met. Some say that they first met while they appeared in Gilmore Girls, others believe that they were acquainted with each other before their roles on the show.

They say Kristine and Scott were friends in 2001. Their roles on the show began in 2004. Kristine was the character Chrissy as dance assistant to Miss Patty. They have been in the same place for over two decades.

How Active Is Kristine Saryan On Social Media?

Like her career, which is now a mystery Kristine’s involvement on Instagram or other similar websites is more of a matter of speculation and dares. Saryan however appears to still be present on Twitter even though the former actress is a bit private about her life in a variety of ways.

Scott patterson Wife

The blue stand Mrs. Patterson often mentions her husband’s screen-based projects, including the ones that follow or other. However, it’s been a long since Kristine herself was seen on camera, whether on social media or on red carpets.

How Much Is Kristine Saryan Husband’s Net Worth?

The 6’1″ big father of Saryan is, by and large, an actor who is a millionaire. Patterson turns out to be even richer than Gilmore Girls lead, Alexis Bledel who is believed to have to have a net worth of between $8 million and $9 million.

According to the most reliable sources, Scott’s worrying-money numbers exceed $15 million or less, same as Damian Lewis’s Daughter, Manon Mccrory-Lewis. In addition, Kristine’s husband is also a businessman. He is the creator of Scotty’s Big Mug Coffee, a business that, he claims, is focused on creating and sourcing premium blends of coffee from all over the world.

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