Kkatamina (Streamer) | Wiki, Age, DOB, Height, Miyoung, Weight, Twitch, Career, Love Affairs, Hobbies, & Net Worth

Kim Miyoung, often known as Kkatamina or Mina on Twitch is a Twitch streamer. She is also an internationally-known model and Instagram popular in her home in the United States. Since November 18, 2021, she’s been identified as “the Most subscribed female twitch streamer.”

miyoung Kkatamina

She is popular for her Twitch gameplays. Her social media following is growing rapidly. Also, she is well-known for her stunning Instagram videos and photos. She has a huge number of followers.

Kkatamina Place Of Birth/Age/DOB

Kim is a famous Korean-American and she was born in the United States on the 9th of November 1995. However, she will be 27 years in 2022. Leo represents her zodiac signs. She’s from America by nationality.

Kkatamina Height/Weight

Kkatamina is moderately tall, standing at 5 ft 4 inches. Similar to that she’s slim and well-built. Mina weighs 52 kg and Mina wears straight, brown hair.

Kkatamina Early Days/Family

Kkatamina cute

Kkatamina is born Mina to her parents in the United States. Fans recognize her by her alias, not her actual name. Mina has not revealed her race, however, she does sport Asian appearances. In addition, she has decided to conceal the names of her parents and father as well. The only thing we know is that she is part of an eminent family and is currently residing in the United States. In addition, we do not have any details regarding her siblings.

Kkatamina Streaming Career

Kkatamina is not known at the beginning of her career, but the most significant breakthrough in her career was when she appeared in videos of Disguised Toast.

Following her rise to fame via him Mina began to show her playthroughs of games such as Minecraft, Rust, and The Forest. She has gained thousands of viewers on Twitch.

Mina often streams live three times a week on Twitch. A few media outlets said that she was a YouTuber however the truth is that she and Mizkif did not have an official YouTube channel up to now.

Kkatamina Relationship/Love Affairs

Kkatamina twitch

She’s not involved currently in any type of relationship at the moment. She’s officially declared her status as a single woman on the one the Twitch streams too. There were rumors of her relationship in the past with Disguised Toast.

However, it turned out to be an untruth when Toast disclosed the identity of his Canadian girlfriend. Though none of them said about Toast’s announcement revealed that they weren’t dating. We’ll keep you updated on her relationship status once Mina can make such announcements.

Kkatamina Education Qualification/School/College

Kkatamina completed her education at Regional High School. She graduated, but the name of the university or college isn’t known.

Kkatamina Hobbies

Mina loves traveling and also she loves to cosplay.

What Is Kkatamina Net Worth?

Mina’s net worth has been believed as between $100,000 and $50,000, based on her various revenue sources. Mina hasn’t publicly announced her net worth. However, basing it on the extent of her Twitch popularity, it’s at least $30k each month, according to sources on the internet.

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