Joanna Gaines’ Parents, Jerry and Nan – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Photos

Joanna Gaines’ Parents

Joanna Gaines is known for her role with spouse Chip Gaines in the show Fixer Upper. Even though she quit the show in the year 2017 it continues to be a massive success. Her birthplace was in Waco, Texas, in the United States of America to parents Jerry Stevens and Nan Stevens 1978.

A devoted member of an active member of the US Army, Jerry was stationed in South Korea, during the Vietnam War, and in 1969, he was in the same party with Nan. The couple fell in love and, according to Joanna their story “is similar to the ones you see in films. The odds were stacked against them, but they persevered through and were a model of what it means to cherish and fight for, show mercy to and honor one another despite their disagreements .”

Jerry Nan and Jerry Nan got married in 1972 following Jerry was back in the US and arranged for Nan a flight ticket to Nan to come along to the United States. Although the beginning was difficult with many arguments following the passing of Jerry’s mother He quit drinking and turned their relationship in the right direction.

The couple still resides in Waco and is frequently seen by their child as well as her family. Nan assists at Magnolia Market and often leads prayers in the market as Christianity is an important part of her life.

Jerry Stevens was under investigation for being associated with the prostitution rings located in Texas. While his involvement was just speculated, he was scrutinized. He was not found to be a criminal and there were no charges brought against him.

Nationality of Jerry and Nan

Jerry is a man with German as well as Lebanese roots. Meanwhile, Nan is Korean. However, the couple has adapted perfectly to the middle of America.

Jerry and Nan Age

The ages of both parents aren’t available to the public, however, they did meet in 1969 and we can guess they’re probably middle-aged, at the very least.

Are Jerry and Nan divorced or together?

Her parents are happily married. Even though they’ve faced their challenges, particularly in the beginning, they’ve gotten over them.


Apart from Joanna, Jerry and Nan have two more children – Teresa Criswell, who is Joanna’s older sister. Mary Kay McCall. Joanna lives in Texas and is an author, Instagram influencer, and blogger. In the meantime, Mary Kay, or Mickey is a lover of taking care of her plants. She has six kids.

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Jerry and Nan Career

Jerry was an army soldier. Jerry was a war vet and had been stationed in Korea in the year 1969. He also had several companies including a tire store and a repair shop for cars.

Nan Stevens’ career hasn’t been reported in any publication. It has been reported that Jerry and Nan started a mechanic shop to repair automobiles.

Net Worth

The information isn’t available currently, however, Joanna Gaines is worth $19 million, and her parents own numerous businesses to their names.

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