Jason Lang Scholarship Eligibility & and How to Apply in 2024

The Jason Lang Scholarship is a prestigious award that recognizes and supports outstanding Alberta students who pursue postsecondary studies. The scholarship was named after Jason Lang, an outstanding student who lost his life tragically.

Jason Lang Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

  • To qualify for this program, you must be a Canadian or Permanent Resident (or Canadian-born).
  • The student must hold a minimum grade point average of 3.2 in September through April of the year prior at an Alberta Postsecondary Institution in Canada.
  • Completed 80% or more of an average full course load in the past academic year (i.e. at least 24, for many programs) at a postsecondary Alberta institution that is eligible.
  • Continued participation in an undergraduate degree or professional program in the second, similar or any other year.
  • For maximum chance, be enrolled full-time for a minimum of one term during the coming academic year.
  • You must reside in Alberta as per the Alberta Scholarship Act.

What is the value of the Jason Lang Scholarship?

The Jason Lang Scholarship is worth $1000, which is enough money to cover some school expenses and related costs.

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This financial aid program is only available to Canadians. As a permanent resident, you can apply as well.

Albertan citizenship gives you an edge over other Canadian state applicants.

What is the time frame for receiving the Jason Lang Scholarship?

Should everything go according to plan, you should be able to receive your grant within 30 days from the date of application. The payment should arrive in December for your fall term and in March for your winter term.

Contact the Scholarship Board if your payment has not arrived after 35 or 30 days. Be sure to confirm your name is on the list of winners first.

How can you tell if your name is amongst the selected winners?

It is important to monitor your Email address for updates on the application process. You will be receiving emails from the Scholarship Board.

You can also access your status by visiting your Student Centre and clicking on the “Finance” module. This method is only available after you have created an account with myUofC.

How To Apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship

Fill out the Form Online

You can access the Jason Lang Scholarship application by visiting the program’s official website. Complete all the sections on the application form, and be sure to provide truthful and accurate information. You must include your details, academic background, extracurriculars, and financial situation.

Send Your Application

After you’ve completed the application and gathered your documents, now is the time to submit it. You must follow any instructions the scholarship programme gives regarding the submission method. Applications can be submitted online via the scholarship portal or by mail at the specified address. Make sure you have all the required documentation and that your submission is on time.

Receipt Confirmation

You should confirm receipt of all required materials by contacting the scholarship office, emailing or calling the office. After receiving your application, you may receive a confirmation via email or letter.

Be patient and wait for notification

After the deadline, the committee reviewing all applications will conduct a review. While you wait for notification, be patient. The Jason Lang Scholarship will be awarded to successful applicants via email and/or mail. Inversely, unsuccessful candidates may also be notified of their status.

Acceptance and award disbursement

If you’re selected as the recipient of a Jason Lang Scholarship, please read all instructions and carefully follow them to accept this award. You may need to provide additional information or complete more paperwork. After the funds are accepted, they will be sent directly to your postsecondary educational institution for use in paying tuition fees and other expenses.

Adhere to all scholarship conditions and requirements

You may need to meet certain requirements, such as maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0 or enrolling for a specified number of credits each semester. If you do not meet these criteria, scholarship funds may be withdrawn.

Renewal of Scholarships and Eligibility for Continued Funding

Certain scholarships, such as the Jason Lang Scholarship, may be renewed multiple times. To continue to receive the scholarship, you must be eligible and reapply each year or complete any renewal requirements. To maintain your scholarship, you should be aware of any deadlines for renewal and any modifications to the eligibility criteria.


  1. What is the eligibility for Jason Lang Scholarships?
  • The Jason Lang Scholarship can be awarded to Albertans who have demonstrated academic excellence and are enrolled full-time at an approved postsecondary school.
  1. What are the documents required to apply?
  • The scholarship committee may request additional materials, such as letters of reference, transcripts and personal statements.
  1. When is the deadline to apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship?
  • Annually visiting the official scholarship website each year for up-to-date information is important.
  1. How do recipients of the scholarships get selected?
  • The recipients are selected based on academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities, a personal statement and recommendations.
  1. Can International Students Apply for the Jason Lang Scholarships?
  • The Jason Lang Scholarship does not apply to all Albertans pursuing postsecondary education in the province.

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