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Jamal Adeen Thomas was born in New Haven, Connecticut on February 15, 1973. He will turn 49 in 2022. He is American and African-American in terms of his ethnicity. Clarence Thomas Ambush and Kathy Grace Ambush are his parents.

Jamal Adeen Thomas parents

Jamal Adeen Thomas Personal Life

Jamal Adeen Thomas prefers to keep his private life secret. Jamal is, undoubtedly, a married man.

His current wife is Sakina Karima Paige, a Richmond lawyer. They have a son together. His family is joyful, he prefers to be low-key and away from the spotlight.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Family Life

His mother, Kathy Ambush was married to Clarence Thomas from 1971 until 1984. Their divorce was finalized in 1984 after they split in 1981. Jamal Adeen Thomas was just 18 years old at the time.

In 1987, Clarence Thomas married Virginia Lamp, his colleague. She is a lobbyist, and a personal assistant to Dick Armey, Republican Congressman. Clarence retained custody of Jamal, even though he married Virginia Lamp. He was also determined to raise his son with his second spouse.

Jamal’s Parents’ Relationship Life

Jamal Adeen Thomas wife

His parents were married for over a decade. They first met in 1969 while they were both in high school. Clarence told his friends just one week after meeting Kathy for the first time that he was in love with her. However, the two love birds dated each other for like a year before they got married. They were married in Worcester, in June 1971, just one day after he graduated.

They were both interested in racial equality and that is what attracted them together. Kathy was active in many social justice protests. Two years after their wedding, the couple had their only child and named him Jamal.

What Did Clarence Thomas Do To Pay For Jamal’s Education?

Everybody knows that a father will do anything for his family. Clarence was no different. He made a great sacrifice, Clarence purchased a Camaro IROC sports car in 1982 after many years of hard labor. The purchase of the bike was a true dream come true.

Clarence was unable to enjoy the freedom of driving his car. To pay Jamal’s tuition, he sold his car. Clarence was sent to Jamal to aid him in his escape from the bullying of kids of color in the public school system.

When it comes to his education, he and Lil Drunk Son attended Bishop Ireton High School from grades 9-12. He then joined Fork Union Military Academy, where he graduated in 1992. Jamal received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Military Institute in Economics and Business.

Jamal Thomas Professional Career

Jamal had always dreamed of becoming an actor but didn’t plan to follow his father. He chose to work in the film business instead. He decided to pursue a career as a Hollywood star, having appeared in at most 20 films since 2005.

After graduating from college, Jamal made his acting career in 2005. He played Bobby on Nickelodeon’s Miracle’s Boys episode, “Who’s to Blame?” Jamal was featured in numerous TV as well as film projects since the start of the time. Nesting was Jamal’s first movie, released in 2012. In that movie, he played the role of Brian.

What Is Jamal’s Net Worth?

Jamal Adeen Thomas photo

He makes between $70,000 and $100,000 a year as a supervision director. His experience as a professional for over a decade has given him a lot to work with. His net worth at the moment is $2 million. Clarence, on the other hand, has a net value of $1 million.

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