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Morgan Fieri Bio

Morgan Fieri is a famous Massage therapist who was born on the 27th of September 1972 in the United States. She’s known as the sister of TV personality and restaurant owner Guy Fieri. Her death occurred in the year 2011 following a battle with metastatic melanomas. According to reports, her zodiac sign is Libra.

Guy Fieri Sister

The actress was Guy’s older sister. She was survived by her partner in domestic affairs Annie Antepara and her son Jules.

Morgan Fieri Career/What Is She Famous For?

Morgan loves traveling, she has traveled to various places. After graduation, she settled in Sebastopol in the city where their son Jules arrived in the year 1999. After a few years, she relocated to Mt. Shasta where she stayed for two years before making the move back to Nevada City for three years and beginning her career as a massage therapist.

She was born in 2005 and relocated to Fairfax and there Jules began kindergarten. She began a career that was successful in the therapeutic arts and she was a huge fan of dance and music. She joined a West African dance group where she played African drums and also danced. 

Morgan and Jules worked in an orphanage in Colima, Mexico, which profoundly influenced their lives as well as the lives of children that resided there. To inspire and create together with her brother, she founded the foundation Guy Fieri Foundation.

Morgan Fieri Personal Life/Relationship/Husband

She is known as Mimi Ferry, Morgan was engaged to Dain Pape. She had one child named Jules from the relationship. Before her death, she was homosexual and had an affair together with Annie Antepara. In addition, they were in a relationship for several years with the son of her previous relationship.

Guy Fieri

After fighting Metastatic Melanoma for quite a while her death was announced on the 29th of February, 2011. Her former lover and father of her sole son Dain Pape filed for full parental rights for their child.

In the past, Jules lived with his grandparents. She argued and believed that Dain was not adequate for the role of a decent father. In the end, Dain was granted custody of Jules by the judge of Marin County.

Morgan Fieri Educational Background 

She graduated from Ferndale High School in 1989. And then attended Sacramento State University and American River Junior College before obtaining the degree of a doctoral student in the field of Hospitality. Morgan is well-known as the sister of TV personality and restaurateur Guy Fieri.

Morgan Fieri Siblings

Morgan Fieri is the sister of Guy Fieri, he is famous for his work as a restaurateur and television show host. The author is also a co-author of many books, Guy also holds the Emmy award for hosting the TV program Guy’s Big Bite.

Morgan Fieri
Morgan Fieri

When he was just ten years old, he began selling soft pretzels via his tricycle, known as the Awesome Pretzel Cart. After six years selling pretzels, He traveled to France in Chantilly, where he learned about the world’s food styles. Then, he returned to his hometown and received his master’s degree in hospitality Management at Nevada Las Vagas University.

Following that, he began his restaurant company Joney Garlics in the year 1996 together with business associate Steve who was from California. In 2012, he opened his very first New York restaurant named Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. In 2014, he launched a second restaurant named Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar in Las Vegas.

In 2006, he won the contest Next Food Network bikini star. In 2007, he was also a guest on the American popular TV show Dinner Impossible. In 2009, he was also a guest in a different show titled The Most Delicious Thing I Ever Eat, and later that year, he appeared as a guest on Ace Of Cakes.

In addition, he appeared on several other food-related shows that are popular. He also appeared in numerous commercials like his Flowmaster advertisement, Aflac, and appearing in T.G.I Fridays.

How did Morgan Fieri Pass Away? Morgan Fieri Illness/Death

In her early years, the doctor diagnosed her with Metastatic Melanoma, referred to as a type of skin cancer. Since her early years, she was afflicted by skin cancer. After an extended battle with cancer on February 19, 2011, (aged 38) she breathed her final breath.

Before her death, she also established the foundation Guy Fieri Foundation. Her passing also encouraged her brother to get better health for those suffering from the same diseases as his sister.

What Is Morgan Fieri Net Worth?

how did morgan fieri pass away

Morgan is among the wealthiest family Member and is listed as the most loved Family Member according to reports. However, Morgan Fieri net worth is about $1.5 Million.

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