Paul Stanley’s Wife, Erin Sutton Wiki, Age, Occupation, Height, Weight, Occupation & Net Worth

Erin Sutton was born to a Christian family who resided in the United States of America. She is Caucasian white, and she is in America with her kids and husband. Erin isn’t sharing any information about her childhood and her parents.

Erin Sutton and Paul Stanley

So, it’s not known if she has any siblings, or even if they do. In addition, her academics are not yet available. It is possible that she was an undergraduate, but all we can do is suppose.

How Old Is Erin Sutton?

Erin Sutton is 55 years old.

Erin Sutton Height & Weight 

When we take a look at her impressive stature, we can suppose that the height of Erin Sutton is 5 feet 10 inches. Also, her weight could be around 59 pounds. However, this is not authentic and reliable information.

Erin has a slim and lean shape that looks gorgeous because her hair is blonde. Also, she has a gorgeous pair of eyes in green. According to certain sources, her food habit is non-vegetarian. However, her exercise routine remains unclear. 

Who Is Paul Stanley?

Paul Stanley is an American musician from America. Paul Stanley is also a writer, singer, and painter. Paul Stanley is most well-known as the co-lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist of the band Kiss. Also, he was ranked 18th by Hit Parader on their list of Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Erin Sutton
Erin Sutton

Erin Sutton Occupation/Career

Erin Sutton is an Entrepreneur in her field and we don’t know the exact nature of her business. The majority of the fame she has received is because of her husband Paul Stanley.

She likes to keep an unassuming profile, and that is the reason she is not on any websites for social networking. There are some interviews with her on YouTube but, aside from that, she’s not visible to anyone on social media. Because she prefers to keep her circle of friends, Erin is also missing her chance to connect with a lot of people who would like to get in touch with her via social media.

Who Is Erin Sutton’s Husband?

The only reason that Erin Sutton is receiving so much media attention is due to her rock star husband Paul Stanley. According to certain reports, Paul Stanley and Erin Sutton were married in the year 2005. Before Erin, Paul had wedded Pamela Bowen but it didn’t work out so they had to divorce.

He has a child called Evan Shane Stanley from his last relationship with his wife. Erin and the love of her life better known as Paul had three wonderful kids. They have two beautiful daughters named Sarah Brianna and Emily Grace, and their only son which happens to be the boy of the house is Colin Michael Stanley.

Paul Stanley wife

After spending a decade in marriage The couple has been a cult figure in the eyes of Paul’s followers. Erin is sure not to skip Paul’s shows despite her reserved personality. So, it’s no wonder that with an incredibly supportive and loving life partner at Paul’s close, Paul has reached the top of his music career.

How Much Is Erin Sutton’s Net Worth?

Erin Sutton’s net worth Erin Sutton is $150 million at the time of 2022. The amount is more of the net worth shared between Erin along with Paul Sutton, her spouse. Paul. Because Paul is among the rock’s most wealthy singers the couple’s monthly earnings are more than $4 million, just like Ellen Tamaki.

Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley

With this many dollars, they can afford an extravagant lifestyle. Because we don’t know exactly what Erin is doing professionally, the majority of earnings to their net worth come from Paul’s part. Paul earns his money from concert touring, recording labels, and the sale of music.

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