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Ema Horvath was born on January 28, 1994, in Kentucky. She is an American Actress, Social Media Personality, and Actress. Ema was, however, cast as Liberty Wells by Braden R. Dumler. This horror/mystery TV movie was released on December 4, 2020. You might recognize her from the movie “What Lies Below.” The Gallows Act II and Viscous are the most popular roles for this actress, and she’s well known for them.

What is Ema Horvath’s Nationality?

Ema Horvath Is an American.

Ema Horvath Height & Weight

Ema is a lovely lady with a decent stature. Her height is estimated to be approximately 5 feet 7 inches. She weighs approximately 58 kilograms.

What Is Ema Horvath Age?

Ema Horvath is 28 years old.

Ema Horvath Early Life & Career 

During a live interview, she revealed that her father and mother moved to Kentucky when she was six years old. She grew up here most of her life since her childhood, she has been exposed to many plays. Shakespeare’s Festival used to take place in a very close location to her home.

She and Andrew Davila was captivated by the world of entertainment as a child. Ema Horvath didn’t have the opportunity to watch much TV or movies because her parents won’t allow her to. However, she loves going to theatres.

How Many Followers Does Ema Horvath Have On Instagram?

Ema has huge fans. Currently, she has about  7000 Instagram followers on her account @horvatema. However, her account remains private.

Ema Horvath Education 

Ema is one of the educated actresses who completed her academic studies at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. In addition to this, she obtained her degree from one of the prestigious institutions, Harvard University.

Ema Horvath Parents & Family Members 

The actress has not provided any details about her family or parents. Despite her success as an actress, she managed to keep her parents in the limelight.

How Much Is Ema Horvath’s Net Worth?

Ema has a high net worth. In 2022, She had about 550,000 US dollars.

Is Ema Horvath Still Single? 

Ema is one of those actresses who prefer to keep it low-key in her relationships. We don’t know whether Ema has a boyfriend, It isn’t easy to find any information about her relationship status therefore, we presume that she is single.

Important Facts To Note About Ema Horvath

• She is likely to appear in two episodes of “The Lord of the Rings.”

• To protect her privacy, this young celebrity has not been active on her social networking accounts.

• She has worked in several big films and the short movie Who Are You, People? (as Alex).

• Ema Horvath was a guest star in Don’t Look Deeper, a TV series that featured Jan Luis Castellanos, Emily.

• Helena Howard, Don Cheadle, Mortimer

Viscous is her next project.

• She lives in Los Angeles because of her work. However, last year, due to the coronavirus, she returned to Kentucky to be with her family.

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