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Livingston Allen is a Jamaican American entertainment blogger, DJ, and TV host. His stage names are ‘DJ Akademiks‘ or ‘The Negrotiator’. Allen is also a YouTuber, YouTube host, and YouTuber. He primarily uploads satirical information from the hip-hop industry.

He is the host of “Everyday Struggle”, a morning talk show with Joe Budden. He was also the moderator of an episode on the TV documentary series called “Complex Conversations”. He was born in Spanish Town (Jamaica) on May 17, 1991. In 2001, he moved to New York City, United States.

He struggled to integrate into his new culture and school as a shy child. He consumed his time mainly with his Jamaican friends and became a massive hip-hop fan during this time.

DJ Akademiks Education

He was admitted to Rutgers University in New Jersey where he received a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, he continued attending classes to obtain a master’s in Math Finance.

Who is DJ Akademiks Dating?

He is currently dating Angelica Ggx (Dominican glamour model, social media personality), with whom he had a recent argument on Twitch.

DJ Akademiks Controversies/Scandals

After claimed that DJ Akademiks is the confidential informant, they have been in serious trouble. The blog is a rival to hip-hop and claims that he was the one who worked with the federal agents working against rapper Tekashi69 in a racketeering investigation.

According to Kitano Jordan, aka Shotti, the lawyer for Tekashi, Akademiks claimed that he was the snitch. The blog also called him “fake BFF” and said that he was the one who infiltrated to avoid being slapped with a federal obstruction-of-justice charge, which could have sent him to prison for at least five years.

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In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Akademiks stated his innocence and claimed that he never had to be questioned or even cooperated in the case. He also said that he considered the defendants “good people”.

TMZ also published a statement by Scott Leemon Shotti’s lawyer, which blatantly denied that he gave an interview about the case. He could not escape the heat online, as many continued to accuse him of posting content on his YouTube channel and blog that could incriminate the defendant. He also conveyed bizarre things on Instagram and dropped his names during Twitch streams.

DJ Akademiks Social Media

He started the entertainment news website Late Night Creep in October 2012. To complement his blog, he also created the channel LateNightCreepVids. He has also produced several YouTube channels, including King Akademiks (a gaming channel) and The War In Chiraq (a channel committed to brutality in Chicago).

There are approximately 3 million subscribers to his channels and another 1.9million followers on Instagram. Some sources stated that in September 2018, DJ Akademiks got his Twitter account hacked. He sent controversial tweets that suggested he was involved in the racketeering or firearm case against rapper Tekashi69.

DJ Akademiks Career

After uploading his performance videos on social media, the DJ began to get recognition. He also started hosting many parties. He began to be appreciated by the audience after performing at local events and barbecue parties.

After more than two years of radio work, he decided that he would focus his efforts on Late Night Creep. He has seen an incredible amount of traffic to the site in the short time since.

He was inspired to create new stories and share his social commentary. DJ Akademics created his YouTube channel in October 2012. He uploaded hilarious news and satirical commentary about the entertainment industry. His YouTube channel became popular after DJ uploaded Chicago’s drill scene videos. One of his most popular videos at the time was Suge Knight Faints After Bail.

DJ Akademiks Earnings & Net Worth

DJ Akademik’s net worth is approximately $8 million US as of 2022. Since launching his YouTube channels, he is a top content creator and musician in the country.

His main income source is his YouTube channel, where he has millions of subscribers. DJ Akademik’s videos have over 10 million views. You can see how much DJ Akademiks makes from YouTube.

Brand endorsements, events, and live concerts are his sources of income. In a very short time, he has gained a lot of fame and recognition in the entertainment industry. The annual salary of DJ Akademik is over $800,000.

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