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Colestein Veglin is either a legend, a myth, or is probably real. This man is believed to have lived up to 615 years before he died.

Most conspiracy theories have tagged him as the oldest man to live up to 615 years before his death.

Aside from the bible days, this is an arguable rare and unbelievable theory. However, when most people point to a particular theory, it might as well be true.

Read on for more details on Colestein Veglin.

Colestein Veglin

Years back in 1876, the veteran news outlet New York Times published an article with the headline The Oldest Man Yet.

The report from the article stated that the police had arrested a man in New Jersey, who was ‘insane’.

During his arrest, the man told the police that his name was Colestein Veglin and he was 615 years old.

Reportedly, the man also claimed he had 6 wives, and his address was at 21 William Street.

He also claimed that his 6 wives were alive as well. That was weird enough for all who heard him and he was taken to the asylum.

Ever since no one has had a follow-up investigation or reports about the man.

But speculations have gone around from locals at the time, saying that Colestein was indeed a new face and no one knew his identity.

Unofficial reports state that Colestein died 2 years after his arrest, at 617 years but this has never been confirmed.

Are there Other People Like Colestein Veglin?

If not everyone, most people wish to live long and there are records of people who have lived long plausible years.

An example is the Spanish man who won the Guinness world record for the World’s Oldest Man at 112 years.

Another example is a man called Mbah Ghoto who according to The Guardian was born in 1870 and died in 2017.

He was 146 years old at the time of his death but this is not verified.

Historically Recorded People Who Lived Long

As recorded in history, Kirk Campbell of France was 261 years old when he died and the British man, Thomas Cam was 207 years when he died.

Another record also has Jeanne Calment who died at 122 years old.

Bringing myth into the picture, many more people are agreed to have lived such long years.

We are more accustomed to hearing bible characters that have lived long up to even 900 years, but according to research, the calendar of those times differed from our modern calendars.

Hence counting the years based on our calendar, such years only amounted to about seventy-something years.

Reports have it that the only people who have come close enough to living such a long life are the monks who have lived up to 240 years.

This would be the only plausible occurrence history has recorded.

Did Colestein Veglin Live That Long?

As humans, there are times when things go beyond our explanation.

Both Scientists and Historians have either refuted or confirmed whether humans can live that long.

But they have stated that humans can live a thousand years and might never know for sure if such a human is already among us.

That is to say, Colestein Veglin may or may not be him.

Scientists say the ratio of humans living that long is one in a quintillion ratio.

However, that one percent is a possibility and either Veglin or some other person could be the one.

There could be some explanations as to why that happens.

Maybe such a person has a rare gene or someother explanation that beats the human mind.

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