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Bert Kish was a director and filmmaker. He was the son of Albert Kish, a Canadian and Hungarian film director as well as an editor. Numerous awards were presented to him, including the 1998 Gemini Awards.

Bert Kish longmire
Bert Kish longmire

He was a photographer, editor, and then an individual filmmaker for many years in both the private and advertising film industries in Montreal and Toronto. He was also nominated for the Allan King Award in 2011 as well as the Gemini Award in 2000.

His involvement included Longmire, Death Valley, and The Bridge as well as many other projects.

Who was Bert Kish on Longmire ?

Bert Kish was a character on the TV show Longmire. He was a Native American man who worked as a ranch hand on the Longmire ranch. He was a close friend of Walt Longmire, the show’s main character, and helped him out on many occasions.

Bert was a wise and sage-like figure, and his advice was often sought by Walt. He was a peaceful man, but was also a skilled fighter. He was killed in the show’s fourth season.

Bert Kish Age/DOB

Bert Kish was born in 1965, he was just 51 years old when he passed on. His father, Albert was also born in Eger in Hungary in 1937.

He was the son of Olga Weisz (a clothing store manager) and Albert Kiss (a customs officer). The 1956 Hungarian Revolution interrupted his studies in Hungary. 

How Tall Is Bert Kish?

Bert Kish is exactly  5ft 7inches tall. His body weight is not available.

Bert Kish longmire cause of death

Bert Kish’s Wife And Children

Bert Kish married Vanessa Trackewsky and they have also been blessed with children. He had a son named Aris. Aris was born in 2006.

Bert Kish Education/Qualifications

Bert attended Westmount High School in Quebec, Canada. He then went on to McGill University. After that, he and his brother moved to Los Angeles to pursue their career goals.

Bert Kish Career Track – All You Need To Know

Bert Kish had a creative and decisive personality. He was an absolute pleasure to work for and to work alongside. Bert was a gifted director and editor, producer, writer, and filmmaker.

His multi-talented father taught him the art. He learned so much about the craft and many other soft skills, such as writing and filmmaking.

Bert started his career in the late 80s. He was a well-known personality who directed many movies and series, including ‘Snow Bride’ and ‘Winter Song’. He was also an editor on projects such as ‘Longmire, Death Valley, The Bridge, The Legacy, and many others. The following organizations were his professional service:

Who Is Bert’s Father?

Bert Kish longmire actor

Bert Kish was the son of a Canadian director and editor, who was born in Eger (Hungary) in 1937. Eger, the county seat in Heves, is also the second-largest municipality in Northern Hungary.

Eger is well-known for its castle, thermal waters, baroque buildings, and northernmost Ottoman minaret. It also has delicious dishes and red wines. Not only that, and the 19th largest population center in Hungary, according to the 2011 census.

Bert Kish’s father was a student at the time when the people of Hungary fought against Soviet rule. The revolution lasted for 18 days before Soviet tanks crushed it. The revolution was followed by the expulsion of two hundred thousand Hungarians from their homeland.

Bert Kish Nominations

Bert’s 1994 career breakthrough was when he became the editor for “Jake and The Kid”. He was part of “The Haunting of Sorority Row”, which was a horror film made for TV in Australia and Europe. 

As per Bert Kish nominations, he is indeed one of the greatest editors to ever live. His pacing was phenomenal, no matter the job or the style. Bert Kish deserves to be recognized as one of the greatest film editors, cinematographers, and photographers in the history of film.

Bert Kish Cause of Death – Longmire Actor Dies

Longmire actor dies suddenly on May 24, 2017. There were many condolence messages sent by his family and friends. According to reports, he died from cancer after 2 years of battling it. However, his father also died of cancer at Toronto General Hospital on the 23rd of October 2015. His death was slightly similar to that of Guy Fieri Sister.

Bert Kish’s Net Worth

Kish is a sought-after film editor and was highly respected in the industry. His net worth was approximately $1.9 million at his time of death. 

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