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How Old is Barbara Roufs?

Barbara Roufs was born in 1944, making her 47 years old at the time of her untimely death in January 1991.

Barbara Roufs’s career

Barbara Roufs’s multifaceted career brought her into the limelight and left a lasting impact on the world of drag racing. In the early ’70s, she joined the drag race scene as a trophy girl during the era of the Professional Dragster Association in California.

As the sport evolved from the golden ages of the ’60s, Barbara became a perfect candidate for the role with her broad, straightened hair, easy-breezy freedom tanks, and old sixties gogo boots. Her height, body, and beauty made her stand out as she added life and excitement to the races, becoming a knockout girl remembered fondly by fans.

Barbara Roufs’s Education

Unfortunately, there is no available information about Barbara Roufs’ educational background.

Who was Barara Roufs Dating Before She Died?

In 2016, when a famous photographer, Tom West, posted old photos of Barbara Roufs, her daughter, Jet Dougherty, came forward and revealed her connection to the late trophy girl. Jet shared memories of her mother, emphasizing that Barbara had lived a happy and exciting life, although it was cut short.

Additionally, Barbara Roufs has a granddaughter named Crystal Dougherty, who expressed pride and appreciation for her grandmother’s beauty when the photos were published on the internet.

Barbara Roufs’s Net Worth

Throughout her career as a model, actress, and drag race trophy girl, Barbara Roufs accumulated an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Her net worth includes the revenue she earned from racing, acting, and sponsorships.


  1. What was Barbara Roufs’ age at the time of her death?
    Barbara Roufs was 47 years old when she passed away in January 1991.
  2. When was Barbara Roufs born?
    Barbara Roufs, who was born in the year 1944.
  3. What was Barbara Roufs’ nationality?
    Barbara Roufs was an American.
  4. What was Barbara Roufs’ profession?
    Barbara Roufs was an actress, racer, trophy girl, and model.
  5. What were Barbara Roufs’ figure measurements?
    Her approximate figure measurements were: Bust Size – 32 inches, Waist Size – 25 inches, and Hips Size – 32 inches.
  6. What was Barbara Roufs’ net worth?
    Barbara Roufs had an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.
  7. What was Barbara Roufs’ income source?
    Her income came from various sources, including modelling, acting, sponsorships, and her involvement in racing.
  8. What was Barbara Roufs’ height and weight?
    She stood at approximately 162 cm (5’5″) and weighed around 55 kg (118 pounds).
  9. What was Barbara Roufs’ eye colour?
    Barbara Roufs had brown eyes.
  10. What was Barbara Roufs’ hair colour?
    Barbara Roufs had brown hair.
  11. Was Barbara Roufs affiliated with any religion?
    She was likely raised in a Christian environment, given her American nationality and the era she grew up in.
  12. What was the cause of Barbara Roufs’ death?
    Barbara Roufs died by suicide in unclear circumstances after living a happy and exciting life.
  13. Did Barbara Roufs have any known siblings or parents?
    Unfortunately, we can’t provide information about Barbara Roufs’ parents and siblings.
  14. How did the public react to the old photos of Barbara Roufs?
    When famous photographer Tom West posted the old photos of Barbara Roufs, her daughter Jet Dougherty and granddaughter Crystal Dougherty were pleased and proud to see her being remembered on the internet, fulfilling a dream she had during her lifetime.
  15. What were some of the notable changes in the drag race scene during Barbara Roufs’ time as a trophy girl?
    During Barbara Roufs’ time as a trophy girl in the early ’70s, the drag race scene saw significant changes, including the replacement of old car models with newer versions, the transition from old dragsters to fuelers with the driver seat behind the motor, and changes in the fashion and style of race attendants, including longer hair, shorter shorts, and the burning of bras.
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