Adi Bambi Benson – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Photos and Husband

Get to know who Bambi Benson is.

On March 1, 1986, Bambi was born. She is a California girl who was born in Compton. According to Bambi’s biography on VH1, she moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia, three years ago when she met Lil Scrappy, the love of her lifetime.

Since the third season, Bambi has been a part of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She decided to leave Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta after season 6. Adizia Benson is Bambi’s real title. However, her friends called her “Bambi with brains,” as Bambi is a double journalism graduate. Since her appearance in Basketball Wives LA, she has been a reality TV star.

The Career Phase of Bambi Benson 

Adi Benson, also known as Bambi, has been singing for quite some time. Her music videos have been featured by major names in the industry, such as 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Bambi’s songs include “I’m Cute,” “Bamlanta,” “Hustle Hard,” and “Bad.”

She is also known for her fiery character on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Bambi, known for her constant fights and insensitive remarks to her costars, has been an interesting woman to look out for on the show. She decided to quit the show, and she is no longer part of it.

Bambi has put her wealth to good use as a very fashionable woman. Shimmer Elite Extensions was her first hair extension line. Bambi’s business line got established in 2015. Bambi has worked tirelessly to bring the best hair on the market since 2015.

Reality star Bambi also supports women’s empowerment. The Shimmer Living Foundation was her way of giving back to society. The Shimmer Living Foundation’s mission statement says: “The Shimmer Living Foundation strives for young women to be confident in their schools and social environments to focus fully on their education.”

Is Bambi Married?

Bambi Benson husband

Adi Benson met Darryl Richardson, the famous singer, and star AKA Lie Scrappy at a party. They soon became close friends. Slowly but surely, this friendship developed into a relationship. They are now a happy couple. Adi married Scrappy, her boyfriend, in 2017.

They were blessed with a boy the following year and named him Breland. Adi Benson shared various photos with her son via her social media accounts. Scrappy was previously married to Erica Dixon. A previous marriage gave him a daughter called Emani. The family currently lives in California, America.

Physical Measurement

Bambi Benson is quite tall. Although her hair is originally black, she dyes it blonde. Bambi is a curvy girl and looks very sensual. Adi Benson is 5ft 6inches tall (167 cm) and weighs 152.11lbs (69 kg).

The Wealth Value of Bambi Benson 

Bambi’s net worth was estimated at $1 million as of 2022.

What is Bambi’s Age

Bambi Benson is 36 years old as of 2022

Scrappy and Bambi Controversy

adi Bambi Benson

It’s not easy to get married. It’s a big commitment and can sometimes be difficult to keep up. However, Scrappy & Bambi have been at each other’s throats lately. Scrappy has had a hard time getting along with Scrappy.

Bambi constantly shares that she needs Scrappy’s support on the show, but he’s been negligent. Bambi is pregnant again, and Scrappy decided that he should leave for Miami to record. Bambi suggested that Scrappy record at her home. However, he refused.

They are now at war with one another. Bambi is tired of all the drama and wants a divorce. In a conversation over lunch (via Love & Hip Hop’s Instagram handle), Bambi explains how Scrappy can get emotional and threatens their marriage.

Bambi tells Erica and Sierra that Scrappy can get emotional, so they say, “Oh yeah. Well I want to divorce.” “Then the next morning, he won’t apologize and will just act like it never happened.” Bambi shares that this isn’t the first time the topic of divorce has been brought up. Bambi shares that talks of ending the marriage went further than usual. Bambi is open to discussing with the ladies a possible divorce.

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