How to Apply for Canada Rutherford Scholarship in 2024

Rutherford Scholarship was created to recognize academic excellence and leadership in the country. It is a way to fulfill educational dreams. We will explore everything about Rutherford Scholarship, the eligibility process and give you valuable insights that can help with your application.

The scholarship is named after Alexander Rutherford, Canada’s prime minister and minister of education. He shared his passion for public education in Alberta. This scholarship can provide the financial boost you need if you have just graduated from high school and are looking for the best universities in your province. The application process for 2023-20214 started in early August and doesn’t vary much from year to year; let’s delve into the eligibility for the Rutherford Scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria For Rutherford Scholarship

  • You must be either a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident. If you are applying independently, you must live in Alberta. If you are applying as a dependent student, one of your parents/guardians must reside in Alberta. It’s strictly for Canadian citizens.
  • You are eligible if you have been granted Protected Person status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • You or your parents/guardians must have lived in Alberta for at least 12 months before starting your course.
  • Students who graduated high school long ago are also eligible for the program. The maximum date of graduation is September 30, 1980. You can apply if you graduate from high school after or on that date.
  • This program/scholarship is only available to full-time students. Therefore, you must have completed a degree lasting at least one full semester.
  • Understand that the scholarship can only be awarded once to each student.

How to Apply for Rutherford Scholarship in 2024

These have to be in place before applying for Rutherford scholarships: 

  • Your upgrading courses are completed.
  • You have added the course to your official transcript.
  • You have applied to and been accepted into a postsecondary program.

You’re ready to apply for the Rutherford Scholarship when all these are in place. You can complete the entire application online; understand that the scholarship can only be applied once, so you do not need to apply separately for other Rutherford awards. Follow the process below to apply: 

  • Create a Student Aid Alberta account

After you create an account, you can apply for any student aid. When you log into your Student Aid Alberta account, it will show you a list of awards and scholarships you can apply for, including the Rutherford Scholarship. Click on the Apply button to begin the application process, it depends on when you plan to start your postsecondary education. Three parts will be required to be completed:

  • Personal Information
  • Studies Information
  • Financial Information

With this, you can determine your eligibility by completing each section. Each section must be completed and contain information like:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Alberta Student Number
  • Costs of available resources
  • Other awards and scholarships you have received
  • Name and program of study of the institution

Once you’ve completed all the sections of the application, you can submit it. You can apply for the Rutherford Scholarship after Student Aid Alberta has calculated your grade averages over your final three years of high school. 

The final step is to confirm that you are a student in your postsecondary institution. Your postsecondary institution must confirm your enrollment in 30 days.

If they confirm, you will receive a check based on the average of your grades from five certified courses. If your school doesn’t confirm, you’ll be mailed a form to take to your school registrar, then you can send the completed form to Student Aid Alberta. They will issue you a check for the amount corresponding to your performance in your five chosen courses.

Rutherford Scholarship Post-Application

Student Aid will send a confirmation of enrollment request to your postsecondary institution if you are eligible for the scholarship. This can happen before or after your course. If your school does not respond to Student Aid within a week, you will receive a confirmation to be submitted to your institution. The process of submitting your request to Student Aid should not take more than 30 days.

How Much Can You Get ?

The scholarship amount varies depending on the average grade and five-course score you have achieved.

Grade 10:

You can get $300 if your average is between 75%-79.9% and $400 if your average is 80% or higher.

Grade 11:

You could receive $500 if your score is between 75%-79.9% and for 80%, you will be eligible for $800.

Grade 12:

If you have a grade between 75%-79.9%, your award will be $700; for the 80% mark, the award money increases to $1300.

All scholarship awards will be sent by cheque one month after the university confirms that you have enrolled.

FAQs about the Rutherford Scholarship

  • What are the criteria to be eligible for the Rutherford Scholarships? To be eligible for a Rutherford Scholarship, students must show academic excellence, leadership in school, and participation in extracurricular activities. The applicants must also be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or enrolled at a recognized Alberta postsecondary school.
  • What can I do to increase my chances of winning the Rutherford Scholarship? You should excel academically, participate in extracurricular activities and community service, and craft a compelling personal essay highlighting your achievements and goals.
  • What is the deadline for applying for the Rutherford Scholarships? Deadlines for Rutherford Scholarships vary depending on the program and academic institution. You should check each scholarship’s deadlines and requirements to ensure you are applying on time.
  • Are international students eligible for the Rutherford Scholarships? The Rutherford Scholarships are only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents enrolled at a recognized postsecondary institution in Alberta. This scholarship is not available to international students.
  • Can the Rutherford Scholarship be renewed? The Rutherford Scholarship can be renewed for up to four undergraduate years as long as the recipients continue to show leadership, involvement in extracurriculars and community service, and maintain a minimum GPA.
  • How much is the Rutherford Scholarship worth? It depends on the recipient’s academic and financial performance. The scholarship usually covers much of the tuition and can include funds to cover living expenses.


The Rutherford Scholarship is not just a financial award. It is a symbol that recognizes your academic accomplishments, leadership qualities, and commitment to community service.

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