Andrew Davila Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Mother, Girlfriend, Siblings, Net Worth, Physical Appearance & Career

Andrew Davila is a Youtube Star who is handsome and talented. YouTube is his primary platform, making him a global social star. He used to upload VLOG-type content, including Pranks, Lifestyle, and Fun-loving videos. 

Andrew Davila has always been a charming person, he has always had a strong personality and a passion to pursue an entertainment career. He wasn’t sure where he should start, so he began to think about YouTube and started a channel he called himself.

Although the initial stages were difficult, he persevered and was able to reach this stage. His videos are being watched by millions on YouTube at the moment, He also has massive fans following him on other platforms, which has made him an enormous viewership.

Andrew Davila Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Andrew Davila stands approximately 5′ 9″ tall. His personality and style are great for his height, which is also a good height for a man. He is approximately 75 kg in weight and has 8 (US) shoe sizes, his body measurements are 44-32-40. Also, his appearance is characterized by dark brown eyes and dark hair. 

How Old Is Andrew Davila?

He’s 22 years old. He was born on June 26, (2000). 

Andrew Davila Place Of Birth

Davila was born in Texas, the USA and his family lives in Dallas, Texas. Andrew decides to move to Los Angels in pursuit of his career.

Who Is Andrew Davila’s Mother?

Andrew Mothers name is Karla Davila.

Who Is Andrew Davila’s Father?

Andrew’s father’s identity is not listed anywhere as we don’t have any information about his name.

Is Andrew Davila The Only Child?

Andrew is the oldest child, he has a younger brother and a younger sister.

Andrew Davila & Lexi Rivera Relationship Status

Andrew and Lexi revealed to their fans they are not dating via a Youtube clip, The video was uploaded to Andrew’s channel on June 4, 2021. It has already had 4.7 million hits. The prank video was where Lexi and Andrew pranked their friends by telling each other they were in a relationship. Landrew is a loving nickname for them by fans.

Lexi is a social influencer on TikTok with over 18.1 million followers. Andrew and Lexi both frequently feature on each other’s social media accounts. Rivera and Davila became popular after Davila uploaded a YouTube video called My Ex Meets my New Boyfriend. According to reports.

How Many Followers Does Andrew Davila Have On TikTok?

Andrew Davila has more than 5 million followers on TikToker’s video-sharing platform. Davila has established himself.

Davila says in his TikTok bio, “What’s Poppin.” Andrew’s TikTok videos were liked 60.3 Million times as of August 2021.

Andrew Davila’s Early Life & Career

Andrew Davila
Andrew Davila

Andrew Davila’s early life was not unlike any other. He attended school and did extracurricular activities during his free time. He was interested in Entertainment and planned to join YouTube in 2014.

He began his career posting videos of different types. Slowly, people began liking his Content and the number of subscribers grew. He currently has almost 1.62 million subscribers to his Youtube Account.

The YouTube star became famous and joined Tiktok as well as Instagram. He and Courtney Vucekovich normally uploads content concerning comedy, lifestyle, and other interesting topics on both platforms. Andrew has over 5 million followers on Tiktok and more than 2,000,000 on Instagram.

He is also working hard to grow his followers on Tiktok and Instagram. He hopes to get work in TV, and he’s also working to improve his brand by attending the GYM.

How Much Is Andrew Davila’s Net Worth?

Andrew Davila’s net worth as of 2022 is $700,000. This is primarily due to his large following on social media platforms. He is making a lot of money through sponsored posts, ads, endorsements and many other means, whether he uses Instagram, YouTube, or Tiktok.

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