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Alison is an inspirational speaker who was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She was the daughter of Brian and Claire Botha.

Alison Botha
Alison Botha

Her parents divorced each other when she was just 10 years old, then she and her brother Neale resided in their mother’s house. According to reports, she comes from an ethnic background of white even though she’s a South Afrikan.

Alison Botha Age & DOB

Alison Botha was born on the 22nd of September 1967. Age(55 years).

NameAlison Botha
Birth PlaceSouth Africa 
Date Of BirthSeptember 22, 1967
Age55 years old
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Net worth$1 million
PartnerTienie Botha

Alison Botha Educational Background

In terms of her educational background, she was educated at Collegiate High School for Girls in Port Elizabeth. There isn’t much available about her subsequent studies. In the following years, she began being an agent for insurance companies.

Alison Botha Abduction/Rape/Attempted Murder

In November 1994 Botha returned to her home after she dropped off a colleague around 1 am. There was no available parking spot in her normal parking space, so she drove to another parking spot close to her home.

Alison Botha assault
Alison Botha assault

As she tried to come down from her car, an unidentified person threatened her with an axe and demanded that she should shift backward and hand over the car key.

The man assured her that they wouldn’t hurt her if she followed his instructions and was only required to use the vehicle for a few minutes.

He drove Botha through, then picked another, and then into a deserted area on the outskirts in the center of town. When they stopped at a place in which no one was able to locate them, they assaulted her, and then choked her to force her to collapse. Then they stabbed her repeatedly in her abdomen and injured her throat.

As she regained consciousness she was unable to comprehend what just happened. “She said all she saw was an arm moving towards all her body,”. Then, she remembered the terrifying moment with no discomfort, making it seem like a dream.

Were The Rapists Caught? What Happened To Them?

Alison was able to identify the perpetrators when she was interrogated by police officers in the hospital. They were arrested and accused of eight crimes including kidnapping, rape, as well as attempted murder. Judge Chris Jansen from Port Elizabeth High Court sentenced them to life imprisonment in August 1995.

Alison Botha Husband And Marital Life

Alison found the love of her life (Tienie Botha), and the two love birds got married on February 17, 1997. They’ve been married since then and we are sure that they’re living the most blissful and joyful life together.

They discussed how they came to meet and how they were friends for a long time. They were able to meet at a friend’s home a year following the attack.

In that period, Tienie was also going through depression resulting from trauma during his childhood. Similar to that, Alison was also going through the exact circumstances.

Alison and Tiene have been blessed with two boys. The inspirational performer was blessed with her first son Danial Botha on the 14th of November 2003. Then, her twin baby son Matthew Botha arrived three years later in November.

Who Saved Alison Botha?

It was a lucky coincidence that one of the students named (Tiaan Eilerd) at a veterinary school who was from Johannesburg and enjoying his holiday was able to find her lying on the road.

After observing that she was unconscious, he quickly took her to the hospital, the doctors were shocked because they’d never seen that kind of injury on a single person and still be alive.

They discovered 36 stab wounds in the stomach, 17, slits along the throat, as well as being sexually attacked multiple times. However, she was able to survive because none of the wounds were able to reach her arteries.

Alison Botha Professional Career (Author/Motivational Speaker)

Most of us would assume that she’s feeling overwhelmed and depressed, well it’s not true. Although, she was certainly deeply traumatized she decided to change her life around. Currently, she is an inspirational speaker and author.

On the 12 of December 1995, she decided to quit her job to begin a new career as a motivational speaker. Since then, she has been traveling around the world informing people from over 35 nations about what she experienced during the incident as well as the emotional and physical trauma she went through.

In addition to inspiring people, she has been awarded for her work such as the Paul Harris Award for “Courage beyond the norm”, Women of Courage, and the Port Elizabeth citizen of the Year award.

What Is Alison Botha’s Net Worth?

The famous survivor is believed to have a sum of 1 million dollars. Her wealth is the result of her work as an inspirational speaker and writer, however, Tom Hnaks’s Daughter has acquired more wealth than her.

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