Alina Lando – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Photos, Reddit, Nationality and Boyfriend

Who is Alina Lando?

An influencer on social media Alina Lando is a gorgeous and well-known model in St. Petersburg, Russia was born in Tatarstan on the 10th of June, June 10 in 1996. Lando is most well-known as a fitness guru with a stunning body and her waistline so disproportionate that it looks like she sleeps in her bed every evening! The nickname she uses is Alina and a variety of other names like Landa Lando as well as Alina Inessa.

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Instagram Star Alina Lando’s background and family aren’t widely known. Lando has even reported having said, “I’m from Russia, it’s a very diverse place, there aren’t just blondes over there.” According to reports on social media, there’s no solid information on Lando’s past relationships and her family, as well as her partner.

Alina Lando Height and Physical measurements

Alina Lando’s height is 5’6”. her weight is around 52 kilograms and she is a Gemini. Her body measurements of Lando are 34-26-34. Her eyes are black and she has blonde hair.

Alina Lando Age

Lando’s birth date is 10th of June, 1996. She’s 26 years old. 

Alina Lando Personal life

Fashion model Lando is 25 years old and was born in Russia on June 10, 1998. She is named Alina. Lando was a student in high school, and then at universities or colleges in her education. Unfortunately, there’s little information about her background or family.

In terms of her field of study was math, she was a student of both sciences at this time and was able to complete these subjects before graduating. In addition to studying a lot (it appears) at high school, Lando works as a social media influencer who promotes products that have affiliate marketing deals on YouTube.

Since a young age or even after high school graduation at the very minimum, Lando has been working as an influencer on social media. She also performs affiliate marketing based on the project(s) she is interested in at the time.

Alina Lando Careers

Fashion model Alina Lando is a talented young artist hailing from Russia who earned her bachelor’s in historical painting. Lando began her career as an Instagram star with more than 600k users on Instagram by itself. She was later an Instagram Star and Young Artist.

Instagram star Alina Lando’s parents and siblings

Alina Lando appears unfazed by those who ask about her past. She has not revealed any information concerning her siblings or parents. There is therefore currently no information regarding family members of the Alina Lando clan. If we learn of any reliable information on these issues We’ll inform you whenever we can! 

Social media influencer Alina Lando Boyfriend

There’s no information that is reliable regarding Russian fashion modeling Lando’s previous relationships. What do we know about her boyfriend? The boyfriend she is currently with is only mentioned when she speaks about not having a boyfriend.

There aren’t any details available at this time regarding Alina Lando’s boyfriend. We know that she enjoys playing online games like Poppit as well as Yahtzee.

Alina Lando Net Worth

Aliana Lando Net worth is estimated to be 1.25million dollars.

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