Alex Wagner’s Mother, Tin Swe Thant Wiki, Husband and Pictures.

Tin Swe Thant is an American who migrated from her home country Yangon (Rangoon)—but later settled in the United States as a Citizen. This happened before she attended Swarthmore College in the USA. Tin Swe is married to Carl Wagner, who hails from Lansing, Lowa.

Her husband, Carl Wagner, is of Irish Descent, and he graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, Lowa. Carl Wagner was enviably a popular and prominent Democratic Party Political Consultant. He Co-chaired Bill Clinton’s 92 Presidential Campaign. As popularly known, Tin Swe is the mother of Alex Wagner.

Tin Swe’s daughter, Alex Wagner, is an American Journalist, born and bred in Washington DC, USA. Alex Wagner hosts the popular shows Alex Wagner Tonight on MSNBC and also Netflix, The Mool Reboot. In the next heading, we will discuss Alex Wagner’s mother, “Tin Swe Thant.” Find out who she is in detail.

Who is Tin Swe Thant?

Alex Wagner jokingly said on her mother’s birthday in 2021, “When I was way younger, my mother would always tell me, Alex, I am not your friend; I am your mother.” But now the story has changed as Alex and Tin, her mother, are now best of friends. She added that her mother is adorable and caring, and she couldn’t ask for more of a mother from her. She said, “God, my mum is the craziest and also the best mum in the whole world.”

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Just like I said above, Tin Swe Thant is an Asian American woman who migrated from Burma to the United States of America and nationalized there. Her husband is a Caucasian with Irish and German Origin.

About Tin Swe Daughter “Alex Wagner”

From younger age till date, Alex Wagner always sees herself as a generic American, not some Asian or American. Her parents succeeded in instilling that sense of pride in her dual citizenship and the sense of being a unique individual. She is open to the expectations of both of her two cultures.

Alex Wagner graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. She also acquired a master of Arts degree in History and a master of Arts degree from the reputable University of Chicago in Cultural Anthropology. Alex Wagner started her career as Journalist as a cultural correspondent for the Center of American Progress. She has also been a reporter and editor for various publications such as the Fader, Chicago Tribune, and The Washington City Paper.

More About Tin Swe Daughter “Alex Wagner” Personal Life

Alex Wagner also worked as a commentator and a Political Analyst for MSNBC and other media outlets. She also covered Political events such as the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential elections. She was also able to host her own MSNBC personal show (Now With Alex Wagner) from 2011 to 2015. And later became the Correspondent for CBS News.

Now talking more about her personal life, Alex Wagner, the daughter of Tin Swe, was happily married to Sam Kass in 2014, and they both have two kids together.


As I said in the first paragraph of this page, Tin Swe Thant is an American who migrated from her home country Yangon (Rangoon). But she was later naturalized in the United States as a Citizen. She has a daughter called Alex Wagner, who is happily married to Sam Kass in 2014, with two children. I could comfortably say that Tin Swe is a successful woman at that.

I hope you found this article interesting. Please drop a comment in the comment box, telling me what you feel about her. You are also free to add to what I have already stated about Tin Swe.

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