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Alex Cowper-Smith’s Biography 

The information on Alex Cowper-Smith doesn’t go in-depth. But, it is clear that his birthplace was within the United Kingdom and that he spent the entirety of his childhood and teenage years in the country.

Alex Cowper-Smith
Alex Cowper-Smith

Particularly, he was brought to England in the United Kingdom, where he also completed his entire academic life. In his early years of schooling, Cowper-Smith spent the majority of his time away from home and attending boarding school. However, he was allowed to return home for weekends to be with family.

Alex has gone through the education system that also included higher school. After completing secondary and primary school, He attended Westminster School to complete the remaining secondary education. Alex’s visits to his house were not a problem, since Westminster was a boarding school that was co-educational in London.

Going to Westminster School was a clear path to gaining admission to one of the top colleges. The plan worked for Alex since following his experience at Westminster, Alex was accepted into the renowned University of Nottingham in 2000.

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The college was a proud and thriving institution that was an example of return for the world’s most famous employers. Her students often saw their graduates go to these highly-paid businesses and high-paying companies. Alex was not excluded from this.

After finishing at the University of Nottingham in 2003 with an academic degree in economics as well as finance, the student started looking for work. The search was quick and he was hired at Goldman Sachs. It appeared that the new graduate would have excellent prospects in the finance industry and he certainly was.

Alex Cowper-Smith and wife

He began his career as a partner within the group. Then, he started climbing the corporate ladder and by the time he was in 2015, he made it to the role of a financial analyst within the business. At that point, the position was a banker and was in charge of several of the company’s massive accounts.

Alex Cowper-Smith’s Body Measurements & Physical Look

The former banker seems to look average, but he isn’t a pretty or lanky man. There isn’t any source that indicates his height or the measurements of his physique. However, photos online of Alex standing alongside their former wife Alice Eve show that he is about half a head higher than Alice Eve.

Since various sources put Alice’s height as 5 feet (1.66 m) and above, it’s safe to assume that Alex is around 10-15cm higher than Alice. This means that he’s between 1.75 meters and 1.81 meters tall, or around 1.75 and 7 inches tall.

Alex Cowper-Smith’s Relationship Life

They quickly reverted to the relationship they shared in their time at Westminster. It was so successful in the end that Alex was engaged later in the year. The couple finished 2014 with euphoria and got married on 31 December 2014, which was a small wedding ceremony in the city of London with the Brompton Oratory.

The entertainment industry had become aware that a new star romance was birthed. The couple remained in love with their lives and one another. The fairytale they shared was not to come to an end however the couple slowly began to grow apart. In the early part of 2017, the couple put their marriage on hold and decided to apart.

Alex Cowper-Smith loved up
Alex Cowper-Smith loved up

As the couple did not have children they had no post-marital obligations for either. According to their knowledge and beliefs, Alex has not dated anyone since their separation. Alex hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone since his divorce from the model

Alex Cowper-Smith Net Worth

Alex Cowper- Smith came from a wealthy family. He has been a hard worker throughout his career as an investor and banker. But for some reason, he’s failed to create an impressive sum of money through his work. This could be due to his lavish lifestyle. According to reports his net worth is approximately USD 500-700k.

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