Viking Barbie (Youtuber) Biography, Twitter, Wiki, Career, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Nationality, Career, And Early Life

American YouTuber Kayleigh Swenson is better known as Viking Barbie. The Zodiac sign for Viking Barbie is Libra. This sign is well-known for being diplomatic and charming. The Scandinavian beauty is a favorite of girls around the globe. Her drive is due to her parents, who had many different goals for her children. In January 2018, she was featured on the cover of a magazine for playboys.

This magazine was targeted at African girls and featured an illustration of her boyfriend. Since then, her popularity has grown. She and Jayce Ivanah has worked with swimwear and lingerie brands and even performed as a singer and rapper.

Viking Barbie Place Of Birth

Kayleigh Swenson (also known as Viking Barbie) was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1985.

How Old Is Viking Barbie?

Viking Barbie celebrates her birthday on October 22. She would be clocking 37 years old this year.

Viking Barbies Parents

Her late father’s name is Robert Alexander Swenson, Jr. He was a bodybuilder and wrestler; her mother is Erin Hillsman, popularly known as an exotic and fitness model. 

How tall Is Viking Barbie?

Viking is an individual who is five-foot tall and ten inches wide.

Viking Barbie Nationality

Born in the United States, she is an American citizen of Caucasian descent.

Does Viking Barbie Has Tattoos?

Of course, Viking has tattoos on her arms; her tattoos were done by a renowned artist popularly known as Sergio Sanchez; her tattoos artistically represent the Seven Deadly Sins. She says her tattoos remind all the hardships she has experienced.

How Many Followers Does Viking Barbie Have On Instagram?

Viking Barbie is a well-known Instagram model with a beautiful body and an angelic smile. She has close to eight million Instagram followers.

About Viking Barbie Early Life

Apart from being a model, Viking Barbie is also a singer. She has been on the Playboy cover twice and on numerous magazine covers. She also has a YouTube channel where she has several songs. Her blog focuses on her life and music. If you are still single and searching for a guy, you can try Viking’s latest album, “Borderline,” available on Instagram.

Details On Viking Barbie Net worth

Her main source of wealth is her modelling business, but Viking Barbie has made other income. Being a model for Playboy is her most lucrative job. She has been on the cover of Playboy magazine twice and in several other publications. She has recorded music recently and has more than 100k views on her YouTube videos. Viking Barbie is a model who has also worked for several brands. 

About Viking Barbie Career

Although her modelling and acting career is strong, she has kept it very private, and there aren’t any public records. Like many other celebrities, Viking Barbie is well-known for her dual personality disorder. This means she can have both black and white emotions or both. She is also often featured on the covers of magazines. Viking posts photos of her beautiful body and colourful career on Instagram and has over 10 million followers. She is a beautiful woman with a great career in music and a large fan base.

Who Is Viking Barbie’s boyfriend?

There is no doubt that  Aaron Andrew and Viking Barbie are in a relationship. She uploaded photos of her and Aaron on his birthday, which was October 15, 2018, with the caption:

“Wishing my King happy birthday. You are my lover, friend, and partner.

However, Aaron also named Kayleigh with a beautiful emoji on his Instagram bio.

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