Luminary Pathways: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders – Your Roadmap to the 2025 Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship at Harvard


The Boustany Foundation MBA scholarship at Harvard University is a great opportunity for those who want to study at one of the world’s top universities. The Boustany Foundation established this scholarship program to provide exceptional candidates with resources to help them excel academically and in future careers. This article will guide you on everything you need to know and how to go about the application process. 

The Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualifications

The applicant must have a high academic performance, usually demonstrated by an outstanding undergraduate degree. Candidates with post-graduate degrees may be given preference.

Work Experience

Candidates must also have significant work experience and demonstrate leadership qualities.

Language Proficiency

All Harvard University courses are conducted in English. The TOEFL and IELTS are standardized language tests applicants must take to demonstrate their proficiency.

Applicant Procedure

The Boustany Foundation provides a designated online application portal for prospective candidates. The application must be accompanied by the documents listed below.

  • Transcripts of academic records
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Recommendation letters
  • Career goals essay responses

Selecting Candidates

The Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship selection process at Harvard University is rigorous and competitive. The applications are carefully reviewed by an esteemed panel of faculty and industry experts who evaluate candidates on a variety of criteria, including their academic accomplishments, leadership potential, and personal characteristics.

Short-listed candidates may be asked to attend an interview in person or by videoconference to evaluate whether they qualify for the Scholarship.

The Scholarship has many benefits.

The Coverage of Tuition fees

The Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship is a full tuition fee scholarship that covers the entire MBA program at Harvard University. This reduces the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

The Living Expenses Allotment

The generous allowance for living costs is in addition to the tuition fee. This allows scholars to concentrate on their studies and immerse themselves in Harvard University’s vibrant academic community.

Obligations and Responsibilities

Students’ Academic Performance Expectations

Harvard University expects its scholars to achieve high academic standards throughout their time at the university, maintaining the institution’s standard of excellence and contributing to a positive learning environment.

Reporting requirements

The Boustany Foundation requires scholarship recipients to submit periodic reports detailing their achievements and progress during their MBA programs.

The Alumni Network and Support

After completing their studies, Boustany Foundation scholars and Harvard University alums become part of a vast network. They gain access to resources, opportunities for networking, and mentoring programs.

FAQs related to eligibility:

  1. What is the minimum requirement for academic qualification to receive a scholarship?
  • The Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship is awarded to applicants with outstanding academic accomplishments at Harvard University. Although the specific qualifications can vary, most candidates hold an excellent undergraduate degree. Applicants’ profiles can be enhanced by relevant post-graduate degrees.
  1. Do you have any preferences for the work experience of applicants?
  • The scholarship program values diverse perspectives and experiences. Although no industries or sectors are preferred, candidates with leadership skills and a dedication to excellence should apply.
  1. Does the age limit apply to applying to the scholarship program?
  • Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarships at Harvard University are open to applicants of all ages. All applicants are welcome to apply as long as they meet all the criteria for eligibility and show exceptional academic potential.

FAQs Regarding the Application Process:

  1. Am I eligible to receive the Harvard University Scholarship if I do not have an admission offer from Harvard University yet?
  • The Scholarship is available to candidates who have yet to receive an admission offer from Harvard University. The Scholarship will only be available to those who are accepted into the MBA Program at Harvard University.
  1. Where should I send my letters of recommendation?
  • Boustany Foundation will provide a portal to apply online. In the guidelines, you will find detailed instructions about the submission procedure.
  1. Is the application fee to apply for a scholarship?
  • The Boustany Foundation MBA scholarships at Harvard University do not usually charge an application fee. This scholarship program is designed to help remove barriers to entry and give equal opportunities to everyone who qualifies.

Faqs on Benefits & Obligations:

  1. Do you have any other financial benefits besides the living allowance and tuition coverage?
  • The award covers the full cost of tuition for the MBA at Harvard University and a living allowance. Other financial benefits can vary depending on specific scholarship terms and conditions.
  1. What happens if my academic performance does not match the expectations?
  • All scholars at Harvard University are expected to achieve high levels of academic achievement. A scholar who fails to achieve the expected academic results may suffer academic probation and other penalties as stated in the scholarship contract.
  1. Do I have to pay any fees to the Boustany Foundation once my MBA is completed?
  • According to the agreement, scholarship recipients may have to perform certain duties for the Boustany Foundation. This may involve providing regular reports on your academic progress and participating in alumni-related activities.


In conclusion, the 2025 Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship at Harvard University represents a financial opportunity and a transformative journey toward academic excellence, personal growth, and professional achievement.

This prestigious Scholarship opens doors to unparalleled resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, setting the stage for scholars to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields and beyond.

As you embark on this remarkable adventure, remember that success is not just about reaching the destination but about embracing the challenges, seizing the opportunities, and evolving into the best version of yourself.

With dedication, perseverance, and the support of the Boustany Foundation and the Harvard University community, the possibilities are limitless. So, dare to dream, aspire to greatness, and confidently embark on this journey, knowing that your future awaits and greatness beckons.

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