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Kaylee Hottle was in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 2012. She was born to deaf parents, Her parents were Ketsi (Mother) & Joshua (Father). Unfortunately, her actual birthdate is not available on the internet because of her absence on social media platforms.

Kaylee Hottle interview

Kaylee Hottle is a brilliant child, fluently speaking American sign language. She is also an American Deaf Actress and Child Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. After her film debut, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” the young actress rose to fame. Kaylee Hottle was Jia in Godzilla vs. Kong. She became very close with Kong. She played Jia, a deaf child who Adam Wingard released on March 31, 2021.

How Old Is Kaylee Hottle?

Kaylee Hottle is nine years old.

How Tall Is Kaylee Hottle?

Kaylee Hottle is approximately 4′ 8″ tall.

What Is Kaylee Hottle’s Weight?

Kaylee Hottle is 34 kg in weight and 74 lb in Pounds.

Kaylee Hottle Education

Kaylee Hottle deaf

Presently, she is pursuing her education at The Texas School for the Deaf.

What Is Kaylee Hottle’s Hair Color?

Kaylee Hottle has a Dark Brown hair color, and her type is straight. 

What Is Kaylee Hottle’s Eye Color?

Kaylee Hottle has a Brown eye.

What Are Kaylee Hottle’s Hobbies?

Kaylee can participate in many different activities like dancing, acting, or sports.

Kaylee Hottle Family History 

After much research, I discovered that Kaylee’s father was deaf. Joshua Hottle is her dad. This is her fourth generation to inherit the disability from her ancestors.

Kaylee Hottle, an American Deaf Actress, rose to fame after she played the role of Jia in the film Godzilla vs. Kong.

Hottle’s deafness has not stopped her from achieving her goals. Hottle is a strong, positive girl who makes the most of every opportunity that life offers.

Kaylee Hottle Siblings 

Kaylee Hottle

There is not much information about her siblings, but she has an older sis who is deaf and three other siblings who can hear.

What Is Kaylee Hottle’s Ethnicity?

Kaylee Hottle is of multiracial ethnicity. She is half Korean (from Ketsi) and half Caucasian, from Joshua.

Kaylee Hottle Parents 

Joshua and Ketsi are Kaylee Hottle’s parents, and they are both deaf; presently, they are no longer together. Kaylee’s mother split with Joshua, Kelsi, and Ryan Kelly are now together and support Kaylee in her acting career.

Kayle’s mother posted an Instagram picture of Ryan Kelly captioned “Happy Valentine to My Love.” She said, “You accept me as I am,” and encouraged me to grow.

She appears to be close to her mother, “Ketsi Carlson,” who is always there to support her daughter on the set of her films.

What Is Kaylee Hottle’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, her net worth is about $2 million, same with Diana Hopper.

Kaylee Hottle Carer & Films

The young actress worked in numerous television ads during her first acting days. She appeared in 2017 at the Glide app’s public service announcement.

Kaylee was then offered the starring role in a “10 Deaf Kids: One Powerful Message” campaign.

In the “Godzilla vs. Kong” movie, her role in the movie was a huge success after its launch on the (31st of March 2021).

Kaylee Hottle photo

Jia, her character, is an orphan from Iwi. Rebecca Hall plays Jia, the adopted child of Dr. Ilene Andrews.

Jia forms a unique bond with Kong through sign language communication with the monster. And it was the fourth movie; It was preceded by Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and then Godzilla King of the Monsters on May 13, 2019.

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