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Lori Anne Allison’s Age/Childhood

Johnny Depp wife

Lori was born on September 6, 1957. She has always been interested in fashion and makeup since an early age. Her dolls were her first opportunity to practice her makeup skills. She used to trim the dolls’ hair and put on makeup using a pen.

She began drawing faces with makeup on paper at the age of 11. To make her eyes look beautiful, she used eyeliners to draw the eyes and then filled them with eyeshadows. Not only that, but she also used lipstick to draw her lips.

Although she had the talent, her makeup skills were still in a raw state. She learned the difference between skin enhancements and exaggerations after visiting Collins Avenue’s makeup shop. At that time, she was very young and just (13) years of age.

Lori Anne Allison Career/Profession

After losing her ambition, she discovered her creative drive for makeup. She was the kind of kid who loved the scent of makeup and it wasn’t hard for her to get into the beauty industry. Her talents were welcomed by the beauty industry, which is a different market than record-producing.

Christina Applegate was there to support her during the turbulent start of her career and gave her the first break into the television industry. Guess what! Lori was also gifted her first makeup kit by her mother.

Lori Anne Allison

Adam Ant was also her first film and stage play role. Although she did not make it to the top on big screens like her ex-husband, she has a long list of big clients who she can rely on every day. A big difference is made when hard work and a big star combine.

Lori’s Relationship/Love Affairs Johnny Depp

The public has not been privy to Lori’s first dating details with Johnny Deep. However, there are rumors that it may have to do with Johnny’s Band Rock City Angels. Because she is a cousin to Peter Duchin, a well-known pianist, there are rumors that Johnny and her cousin may have a connection for their meeting.

Johnny Depp and Lori were married in 1983, he was 20 years old and Lori was 25. The two love birds divorced after 2 years of marriage. It’s not clear if it was Johnny’s career or the couple’s tender age. Despite 32 years of separation, the couple is still close friends.

After the death of her mother, she called Johnny. She went so far as to support Johnny Depp in the domestic abuse allegations against Amber Heard. Lori said that the Johnny I know wouldn’t touch a woman.

Lori Anne Allison Illness & Current Address 

Lori Anne Allison moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue a career as an entertainer. Sources claim that she wanted to be a record producer. After becoming deaf in her left ear, she began her professional career as a make-up artist. Christina Applegate, her friend, offered her a job in television when she learned of her deafness.

Lori Anne Allison 2023

According to her current address, she and Gavin Casalegno lives in Los Angeles. She has lived there since the early 1990s. She is a woman who likes to keep her private life private and has not given interviews about herself over the years.

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