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David Sanov is a well-known American police officer who works for the California Highway Patrol. He was born in Los Angeles in the early 1970s, he rose to prominence after marrying his fiancée Alison Sweeney.

David Sanov california highway patrol

Alison is a writer, actress, and TV host and there’s no doubt that she has appeared in over 20 films and television series. He is a determined and industrious police officer who achieved his goal of becoming one by following his aspirations.

What Is David Sanov’s Age & DOB?

David Sanov celebrates his birthday on the first of the month in which he was born (the 1st of January in 1977). His young appearance makes us doubt his age. However, he is 45 years old.

David Sanov’s height/Weight/Physical Look

The officer stands at a good height. David Sanov is 6’1 inches and 183 centimeters tall and he is about 80 kilograms in weight. He keeps his health by exercising and going to the gym which keeps him healthy and provides him with a good physique. David has brown hair and light brown eyes giving him a more desirable appearance.

What Is David Sanov’s Profession?

David Sanov
David Sanov

David is a Highway Patrol officer by trade. He passed his entrance and physical exams and was assigned to the rank of a junior officer.

What Is David Sanov Professional Career?

David is most recognized for his work as a California Highway Patrol officer. He was excited about it from a young age and chose to be a police officer, he initially ran away for this job after graduating from the University of California and amazingly he got it.

At first, he is not well-known as a patrol officer. He shot to fame after being engaged to Alison Sweeney, a well-known actress. This is why David is so well-known all across the world and he did an outstanding job serving his country and its citizens.

He was always focused on his work as he aimed to safeguard his countrymen’s rights with the way he was and he later solved a lot of cases and made a great impact. 

David Sanov’s Parents & Education 

David also appears to be a private person as he hasn’t revealed any details about his childhood including his parents’ names. In any case, he appears to have finished his elementary school at Oakland School in 1990.

David afterward enrolled at the University of California to further his education where he received his diploma in 1994. He was a member of his high school’s basketball team and was passionate about athletics during his school years,  he also took part in a variety of other games as a result that he chooses to pursue a profession in this industry.

David Sanov & Alison Sweeney Relationship/Marital Status

David Sanov wife

Alison and David had known each other for a long time and Alison had feelings for him but opted not to tell anyone. Their parents had worked together in the past and were mutual friends, this brought them closer together In 1997 and met at a party.

David asked her out and both of them started dating for like three years before tying the knot. The wedding of David Sanov took place on July 8, 2000, the wedding increased his media exposure and made him more well-known in the community.

The pair then resolved to hold hands forever which they are still doing today. Despite having unique careers David and Alison have a great bond and this is the power of their love that enables them to go on. He enjoys spending time with his family and believes in and supports her wife’s job.

How Many Kids Does David Sanov & Alison Sweeney Have?

On February 25, 2005, David and Alison welcomed their first child which happens to be a male popularly known as Benjamin. His wife once said that her first experience as a mother was incredible.

The couple welcomed their second child, a daughter named Megan into the world on January 12, 2009. She stated that “watching your kids flourish” and keeping an eye on them to see if they are doing well or not is one of the most amazing elements of parenthood.

She continued and stated that  “My son is incredibly active with tennis and he loves it,” Alison continued. This indicates that their son Benjamin is a tennis fanatic. 

David Sanov Net Worth

Just like Olivia Ponton, David Sanov does not come from a privileged home but he is proud of who he is. He has amassed a sizable fortune despite having no interest in money.

David Sanov may not be a popular individual but he’s doing well financially and he earns $56,000  there about every year. His estimated net worth is $250,000, with his wife’s estimated net worth of $9 million.

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