Arnold Contreras – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Photos and Wife

Who is Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras was born on 6 August 1981 in Pacoima. He is an American citizen. We have seen some of his photos on his Facebook page. He is a tattoo artist. He is the father of Gabriel Fernandez and is also the ex-boyfriend of Pearl Fernandez.

Netflix is showing “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”, a documentary. It’s based on Gabriel Fernandez’s life and includes important facts that people may want to know.

Many people are curious about Arnold Contreras’ whereabouts, what he is doing now, and where he was when the tortures were being performed on the child. This article will attempt to answer the majority of your questions.

Parents, Siblings, & Childhood

He is from Kern County, California. Arnaldo Jose Guadalupe Contreras was born in 1981, at 41 years old, on the 6th of August. He was raised with his brother Christopher Contreras, his sibling.

His mother is Placida Contreras and his father is Rodrigo Contreras. We learned that his parents are Mexican immigrants who settled in California before his birth. After Gabriel’s death, his brother was an army veteran. He adopted Virginia and Ezequiel.

Personal Life, Girlfriend, Spouse & Children

We know that Arnold Contreras was once in a relationship with Pearl Fernandez. He used to live with her until separation. They were blessed with three children, Virginia, Ezequiel, and Gabriel.

Their house was in Pacoima. After her separation, Pearl began dating Isauro, whom she later killed Gabriel.

According to some sources, Arnold was once arrested and that is what led to his divorce from his wife. Contreras currently resides in his hometown with his family, his children, and his brother.

Where was Arnold Contreras During the Time Gabriel Fernandez was being tortured?

Normally, all three of the siblings (Gabriel Virginia, and Ezequiel), stayed at their grandparents’ home. However, Pearl took Gabriel into her custody in 2012 and took him from Contreras.

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Gabriel was now alone with his mother Isauro and Gabriel. Both of them doubted that Gabriel was gay, which is why they attacked him. Post-mortem reports showed that the child was attacked with a belt and burned with cigarettes. There were also cuts on various parts of his body.

According to the doctors, they had never witnessed such a situation in a child. Contreras, Gabriel’s lawyer, said that he should have been present during Gabriel’s trial.

Arnold Contreras versus DCFS

Although Pearl and his boyfriend were punished by the court, Arnold Contreras stated that his parents and family should be penalized for their negligence.

Gabriel’s family claims that they made more than 60 complaints against Pearl Aguirre and Isauro Alvarez, but County’s DCFS did not take any action. The child was left devastated and ended up losing his life.

Gabriel’s cousin Emily Carranza, stated that a child 6 feet below the ground should have been alive. She acknowledged that she had also complained to DCFS, but no action was taken.

Career & Net worth

We learned from Arnold’s Facebook photos that he is a tattoo artist and a local piercer. He lives with his siblings, parents, and children in the home of his parents.

On his Facebook page, he shared a photo of his family and you can see that Arnold Contreras is creating a tattoo on his body. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be $200k.

Recent reports have shown that he is still facing charges and is currently in Calipatria State Prison. We are not yet aware of the date of his release, but we will keep you posted.

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