Alexandria Zahra Jones, David Bowie’s daughter – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Photos and Boyfriend

Who is David Bowie’s daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones?

It’s not easy to be a star kid these days, as it is almost impossible to stay that you aren’t in the spotlight. There is no safety in the face of the paparazzi in the world of entertainment including Alexandria Zahra Jones, who is a famous child of her famous parents.

If you don’t know, Jones is the daughter of the late English musician and singer David Bowie and Somali-American supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid.

Although she is only a teenager, Jones is a young lady. Jones has already gotten the interest of the media and her fans alike. There are a lot of fans willing to learn about the life of the woman. Therefore, let’s find out more about this talented young star.

Early Life, Childhood, and Siblings

Alexandria Zahra Jones was born on August 15, 2000, she is 22 years old. Born at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York, the United States of America. In addition, to everyone’s knowledge, Jones is the daughter of famous English musician David Bowie and model Iman.

Also known as Lexi or Lexi Lexi, she is regarded as the miracle baby because her parents were unable to conceive prior. In the end, they attempted IVF and failed. Therefore, they were over the moon when the announcement of her birth came to their ears.

Alexandria Zahra Jones
Alexandria Zahra Jones

Additionally, Bowie himself assisted with the birth of her daughter by cutting her cord umbilically. Her name Alexandria is “defender of the world as well as ‘defender of humanity’ and Zahra says’inner the light.’ Soon after her birth, the lives of her parents changed when they exchanged their bad habits for better ones.

In the same way, the woman is American by birth and is of mixed ethnic background; English-Irish on her father’s side as well as Somali on her maternal side. Additionally, Lexi is fluent in many languages which include Somali, Arabic, French, Italian, and English.

In addition, her half-brother named Zowie Bowie later changed his last name to Duncan Jones. Also, she has a half-sister called Zulekha Haywood from her mother’s previous marriage.

Age and Height

David Bowie’s daughter

Lexi will be celebrating the occasion of her twenty-year birthday on the 15th of August this year. Additionally, her zodiac sign for birth is Leo. Leo-born people are considered to be strong and have leadership abilities. There is no information on the vital body’s stats that is known to anyone.

Although she is still a teen the girl is five feet seven inches(170 centimeters) tall and weighs 50 kg(111 lbs). Averaging this height as well as the slim physique is the result of regular training.

Lexi is focused on her appearance and her sleek body shape shows that the shape of her body is slim. In addition, her attractive brown eyes and curly brown locks are lighter on the edges. The size of the dress and shoes will be updated for readers soon.

Education and Career

Alexandria is a native of Manhattan with the silver spoon, without doubt, yet she’s quiet as a twig. There’s nothing to be found about the background of her education. Based on the age, consider the possibility that she should be in high school.

Zahra’s father gave her a substantial sum of money, and there’s no necessity to pursue a career this soon. In the end, nothing regarding the accomplishments of Jones is accessible to anyone. If anything is released we’ll inform you.

Alexandria Zahra Jones: Net Worth

The daughter is only an adolescent and is studying for her exams, so she’s not likely to work at the moment. But, before the time of his passing, Bowie left his daughter 25 percent of his wealth in trust to his child. Therefore, as of 2022, she is estimated to have an estimated value that is $2.5 million.

In the same way, Bowie willed 25 percent of his estate to Duncan, his younger son. Duncan and the rest to his wife Iman. However, Lexi has kept all details about her earnings and assets secret.

At the moment the net worth may be the result of funds left to the family by their parents. In time, the job held by the actress will earn the most money. Jones certainly has an extravagant life with her family as of now.

Alexandria Zahra Jones: Parents

A daughter of the youngest generation, Lexi is the daughter of her rock star parents David Bowie and Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. They got married in an exclusive ceremony in the town of French-speaking Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 24 in 1992.

The couple met for the very first time at the same Los Angeles party. They instantly fell in love and started to date shortly thereafter. They got married after having been together for 18 months. Her parents were ecstatic following her birth. They also changed their lives in the same way that Bowie got rid of all his bad behaviors.

Bowie stopped drinking and smoking and began an energizing, low-fat diet. The couple became close following the birth of Lexi. Additionally, Bowie reduced his workload to spend more time with his daughter.

As we all know, David was a prominent person in the world of music for over five decades. He made significant contributions to the music industry through his stagecraft and music. Before marrying, the famous artist was married to Angie Barnett with whom had a son named Duncan.

In the same way, Lexi’s mother Iman was also married. They were married to Spencer Haywood and had one daughter, who was named Zulekha Haywood.

We believe it’s fair to claim David Jones was the source of optimism in the lives of her parents. However, David passed away in January of 2016 after a long fight against liver cancer. The tragedy devastated both Jones as well as her mother. But, Alexandria even got a crescent moon-shaped tattoo on her forearm that has the phrase “Daddy 1947-2016′ written next to it.

Personal Life: Boyfriend

Lexi might still be young, but she’s almost old enough to be a lover. According to reports, she’s engaged to singer Tristan Beltrami. The couple, about their relationship, hasn’t divulged any other information.

Apart from that, she has a love of traveling and trying new food items. In her spare moments, she is with her mom and her pet, Max.

Even though Zahra is engaged, there isn’t much news to report. This is due to her age. One thing is for certain is that the diva hasn’t been engaged or married up to this moment.

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