Adam Eget Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Career, Mc Donalds, Relationship & Social Media

Adam Eget is a popular media host and a comedian. He gained fame as a host of the comedy show titled Norm Mcdonald Live alongside the comedian Norm Macdonald himself.

Adam Eget
Adam Eget

The show gained so much acclaim that Netflix was willing to host the show on their platform in exchange for a multi-million-pound deal. The show was dubbed “Norm Macdonald has a show on Netflix.” Eget also hosted and was director of a well-known comedy show from Arizona known as Tempe Improv.

Adam Eget Age/Height/Weight/Physical Look

Adam Eget was born on 20 June 1989, meaning Adam Eget is only 33 years old. young. He is a Zodiac sign of Gemini and reveals the traits of an Extrovert Person who loves attention but also is a compassionate person.

Adam Eget’s height is 5 ft 8 inches and can be shortened to 172 centimeters. He weighs about 65 kg or 143 pounds, similar statistics with Michelle Tribble. Eget’s hair is long and fluffy, black and he also has eyes that are round and black in shade.

Adam Eget Parents/Early Child/Childhood

Adam Eget MCdonalds

Adam was born and raised in the year 1979 in the city of Los Angeles, CA, USA. Eget has his birthday celebration on the 13th of June. Eget was raised in a Jewish half-Jewish family and adheres to Jewish customs.

However, his father divorced his parents when he turned fourteen. The actor also has a younger sister and two half-siblings with a brother as well as a sister. Adam Eget’s father died from a disease in the year 2017. 

Eget experienced a difficult childhood and was plagued by a variety of issues during his teenage years. Following the divorce of his parents, Eget was depressed at a young age. In addition, he was able to recall cutting his hands and his face at times, and always feeling as if he was numb.

In addition, the comedian from Los Angeles was lured by his parents into spending his teenage years at CEDU which is also called CEDU Educational Services which is a center for behavior modification for teens.

The center has been closed following a series of allegations about unorthodox behavior toward minors. The student spent nearly three years at the facility before moving to a strict, public school.

Adam Eget Relationship & Love Affairs 

How did Norm MacDonald meet Adam Eget

However, there are speculations about Sara Weinshenk being Adam Eget’s girlfriend. The rumored girlfriend is an actress. The pair have been seen on various occasions together. Weinshenk is a well-known actress and has been featured in numerous TV shows, however, she is most famous as the host of the comedy series Stoned Science.

Adam Eget Net Worth & Career

Eget began doing comedy after enduring a traumatizing childhood. He has been doing shows for a long time, and Adam claimed that it helped him bounce back after he got on his feet and began doing shows.

Adam Eget photo

Therefore, it is possible to expect Adam Eget’s earnings to be substantial. Adam began his career with Comedy Store, where he was a bartender. Following that, he pursued his career as a comedian. He also was an assistant to the talent coordinator as well as a manager at Tempe Improv. Tempe Improv.

In addition, the duo of Norm Macdonald was also offered an all-time million-dollar Netflix contract for their series, ‘Norm MacDonald has A Show. According to PayScale comedians in the US can earn an average of $40,000 annually. Based on Adam’s experience and expertise, the comedian could be making somewhere in the same amount or more.

Apart from that, Adam has also worked as a comic book writer on Lights Out with David Spade and as a producer of segments in Fate: The Winx Saga The Afterparty. When you consider all his endeavors, Adam’s net worth is surely quite a lot.

Adam Eget Social Media

Comedy actor Adam Eget has amassed quite many followers on his Instagram. But, his official Instagram account is not public and it is difficult for his followers to follow his posts and the things that he is passionate about.

  • Instagram – 37.1k followers
  • Twitter – 3.5k followers

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